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Karen McGovern has been on the Nunn Design Innovation Team for the past year and a half.  It is always a pleasure to see what she has come up with next.  Take a look at what she currently has on her work table!

Karen McGovern's Work Bench


For almost two years now I have had the immense pleasure of working with Becky Nunn as a member of the Nunn Design Innovation Team.  Playing with Becky’s products has been beyond fun, but also challenging as a designer.  The entire team is so incredibly talented and I have been consistently blown away by the works created by the group.  I try my best to represent!

On my bench right now is a super-cool necklace I created for my August submission.  In “real life” I am a conservation biologist and I love incorporating natural elements in my designs.  I also just got back from a short vacation in northern Michigan, where summer is in full swing and the landscapes are full GREEN.  Wildflowers everywhere, trees at their peak of summer health.  With that in mind I wanted to create something in that color pallet–rich summer green with pops of electric color.

I collect lots of botanical elements, and decided to set a green hand dyed silk moth cocoon in one of Becky’s ornate silver pendant bezels.  I inverted the bezel so I could hang stuff below, drilled and riveted an aluminum coil for a bail.  Keeping with the nature theme, a iridescent Japanese beetle wing swings below with an orangey yellow glass head pin dangle.  I hung the finished pendant from a Nunn Design twisted wire hoop.

Since I used a cocoon in the pendant, I also wanted to incorporate a moth wing in the same color pallet (yes, I collect all sorts of insect wings either found or farmed).  So, I placed a fragment of a sunset moth wing inside an acrylic tube capped with silver beads.  The wing is gorgeous–electric green and black.  Bright orange coral discs capped with Nunn Design bead caps accent, with a green freshwater pearl resting in another cap.  All on silver chain.

I love the look and mix of natural elements–a bright testimony to Summer!” – Karen

Nunn Design Products Used:

Small Fine Cable Chain – Antique Silver (sfcc-sb)
Jumpring Grande Rope – Antique Silver (jrgr-sb)
Beadcap 9mm Urchin – Antique Silver (bc9u-sb)
Beadcap 9mm Coral – Antique Silver (bc9c-sb)

Jumpring Grande Rope – Antique Gold (jrgr-gb)
Beadcap 9mm Limpet – 
Antique Gold (bc9l-gb)
Beadcap 12mm Petal – Antique Copper (bc12p-cb)
Channel Bead Small – Antique Copper (cbs-cb)
Crest Pendant Circle – Antique Silver (cpc-sb)

To see more of Karen’s work, visit her:

Website:  www.beadkeepers.com/
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Beadkeepers
Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/beadkeepers

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