Lotus Charm Bracelet Tutorial

I don’t consider myself contemporary or hip at all, which is why I’m so in love with this bracelet. I think it really brought out the contemporary designer in me. The Hammered Flat Tags will do that! This bracelet is just plain fun.

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Lotus Charm Bracelet Tutorial

Designer: Becky Nunn

Supplies Needed:
1 piece Toggle Ring Contemporary Antique Silver (trc-sb)
1 piece Toggle Bar Contemporary Antique Silver (tbc-sb)
1 piece Hammered Flat Tag Mini Heart Antique Silver (hftmhs-sb)
3 pieces Hammered Flat Tag Mini Circle Single Hole Antique Silver (hftmcs-sb)
4 pieces Hammered Flat Tag Small Circle Single Hole Antique Silver (hftscs-sb)
17 pieces Jumpring 6mm Textured Circle Antique Silver (jr6tc-sb)
5 pieces Jumpring 9mm Textured Circle Antique Silver (jr9tc-sb)
13 pieces Headpins Antique Gold (hpg-b)

13 pieces 4mm Pearl Beads
A Sharpie Marker

Tools Needed:
1 Pair of Flush Cutter Pliers (plfc)
2 Pair of Flat Nose Pliers (plset)
1 pair of Hole Punch Pliers 1.8mm (plhp18)


Add An Additional Hole to the Round Tags

Step 1:
In order to link the Hammered Flat Tags together, we will need to create a second hole in the tags. Using the Sharpie Marker, create an additional dot directly across from the current hole and the same distance in from the edge.


Step 2:
Pewter is a very soft metal and can mar easily from the Hole Punch Pliers. I like to create a barrier with a piece of card stock prior to punching the holes. However, it can be difficult see the Sharpie marks once the card stock barrier is in place, so before using the card stock, create a small indentation on the metal tag over the Sharpie marks using the 1.8mm Hole Punch Pliers. Gently create a small divot, avoid punching all the way through.


Step 3:
Tear off a small piece of card stock and punch your 1.8 Hole Punch Pliers with it. This will be the used as the barrier mentioned in step 2. See what I’m talking about, now it is hard to see those little Sharpie marks with that card stock in the way. Feel your way for the small divot you made in step with your Hole Punch Pliers. Once you can feel the metal hole punch line up in the divot, punch your hole all the way through.


Step 4:
Repeat Step 3 for 4 of the Hammered Flat Tag Small Circles and 2 of the Hammered Flat Tag Mini Circles.


Creating the Pearl Dangles

Step 5:
Thread a 4mm Pearl Beads onto a 2” Head Pins. Eyeball about ½” from the top of the Pearl Bead and trim off the excess using your Flush Cutter Pliers. Repeat for all 13 head pins and Pearl Beads.


Step 6:
Using your Flat Nose Pliers (if you had a set of needle nose pliers, it might be easier, but I use my Flat Noses all the time to create loops) start to bend the ½” of exposed head pin creating a loop.


Assembling the Charm Bracelet

Step 7:
Now it is time to start putting the whole little beauty together! This is what your stash should look like prior to assembling!


Step 8:
Use your 2 Pairs of Flat Nose Pliers to open the Jumprings 9mm Textured Circles. Thread on three pearl head pins from Step 6 and close the jump ring.


Step 9:
Using the finished jewelry image as your guide, start to attach all of the Hammered Flat Tags with the Jumprings 6mm Textured Circle Antique Silver.


Step 10:
The only other assembly steps remaining are to create your Heart Dangle centerpiece and attach the Lotus Charm to the Contemporary Toggle Ring. Do this by opening a jump ring and attaching one pearl head pin along with a small heart tag. Complete by opening a jump ring and attaching the lotus charm to your toggle ring.

Step 11:
There you have it! A bit of metal hole punching. A little wire bending. A couple jump rings being opened and closed. Now, wasn’t that totally doable?


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