Macrame Jewelry Inspiration!

Sometimes when a trend comes back around, it takes me a moment to “get into it.” That was the case when I started seeing macramé jewelry becoming popular “again.” But, as much as I resisted, this art form has won me over – hook, line, and sinker. I am hooked!

Let me know what you think of these amazing designers that I have compiled. Take a look and tell me that you too aren’t thinking, “Hey wait! That is cool!”

A couple years ago we posted a version of this blog post. We feel that it is worth pulling it out of the archives and reposting.

Be Inspired!

Sherri at Knot Just Macramé has loads with which to be inspired.

I find these pieces by Tim Whitten of Marlinespike Chandlery to be stunning!

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This necklace by Cooky Schock is amazing!

This designer of Alji has her pulse on all things cool!

Visit Alji on Instagram: @__alji__

Cutethings277 sure is making some cute things!

Instagram: @cutethings277

Amira of Amira Jewelry makes some really beautiful macramé pieces!

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Learn How!

I was across the isle from Kerrie Miller, of Interlace Designs, while exhibiting at the To Bead True Blue show last February in Tucson. I had the opportunity to leaf through Kerri’s self-published book and examine her samples and supplies. Kerri is a master in her craft and I’d highly recommend taking a look at what she has to offer.

Shop Kerrie’s website:

According to reviews, Sherry of KnotJustMacrame has Micro Macrame Downloadable Tutorials that are top notch!

Here is a fairly simple video that will get you started on creating some fun macramé earrings!

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So, confess. Did you change your mind at all about macramé?

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