Make These Tassel Hoop Earrings! Tutorial, Video + Kit!

Be on-trend with these cool tassel earrings. With a few everyday supplies, you’ll turn simple hoops into party-ready bling.


Supplies Needed:

  • Earring Post Hoops, 2 (ephs-gb/ ephs-sb)
  • Small Delicate Cable Chain, two 2′ lengths (sdcc-gb / sdcc-sb)
  • Bead Caps, 9mm Coral, 2  (bc9c-gb / bc9c-sb)
  • 24-gauge wire, 18″ gb /sb


  • Flush Cutter
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Ruler

Watch Quick 2 Minute Tutorial Video!

Learn How:

Prepare the wire

1. Unwrap the 24-gauge wire, and straighten it using your fingertips.

2. Cut the wire in half, creating two 9″ lengths.

Create the tassel

1. Thread one 9″ wire into the end link of one of the 24″ pieces of Cable Chain.

2. Holding the chain on the wire with your fingertip, use a ruler to measure 3″ along the length of the chain.

3. Hold the chain at the 3″ mark, loop the chain back up to the 24-gauge wire, and thread the link onto the wire at the 3″ mark.

NOTE: It’s okay if the lengths of chain aren’t exactly the same. The chain can be trimmed in the last step to make the ends even.

4. Continue to measure the chain at 3″ intervals, threading the link onto the wire at each 3″ mark until all of the Cable Chain is threaded onto the wire.

Add a Bead Cap

1. Move the threaded chain to the center of the 9″ wire and fold the wire so that the chain is dangling from the center of the wire.

2. Thread both ends of the 24-gauge wire through the base of the Coral Bead Cap, and move the bead cap down the wire until it rests on top of the tassel.

Add the tassel to the hoop

1. Place the Earring Post Hoop on the wire, in the center, so that it sits on top of the Coral Bead Cap.

2. Holding the wire on one side of the bead cap, wrap the wire around the Earring Post Hoop 4 times. Turn the Earring Post Hoop around and repeat, wrapping the other end of the wire onto the hoop on the other side of the Coral Bead Cap.

3. Once both sides of the hoop are wrapped, thread the excess wire back through the Coral Bead Cap and pull the wire firmly using the needle-nose pliers. Repeat for the other end of the wire.

TIP: This step can be tricky. If the wire doesn’t thread through easily, use the needle-nose pliers to straighten the wire, then try again.

NOTE: Make sure the wire wrapping is neat and tight on the earring hoop. Use the needle-nose pliers as needed to press the wire wraps together.

4. Once both ends of the wire are threaded through the Coral Bead Cap, tie a knot with the wire to secure it, making sure the knot is hidden under the Bead Cap and sits at the top of the tassel. Trim the excess wire.

TIP: If the tassel wire is loose on the Earring Post Hoop, twist the tassel once, tightening the wire between the hoop and the bead cap.

Finishing touches

1. Using the flush cutter, cut the looped ends of the chain to create the tassel.

2. Even out the ends of the tassel chain as needed, using the flush cutters.

3. Repeat all steps to create the second Tassel Hoop Earring.

Watch the Video!

Watch this quick video to see how easy these earrings are to create!

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