Make This Charm Bracelet

Gel du Soleil is a quick way to create great pieces of wearable jewelry.  If you haven’t had a chance to experiment with this medium, this giveaway is great opportunity for you to play.

The following items were used to make this project:
1 small Gel du Soleil 5/16oz
2 Ornate Mini Rectangle-Slv (ompr-sb)
1 Ornate Mini Square-Slv (omps-sb)
1 Ornate Large Circle-Slv (olpcs-sb)
1 Small Pendant Circle-Slv (spc-sb)
1 Mini Link Circle-Slv (mlcs-sb)
1 Round toggle – Slv (rt-sb)
1 Twig Toggle Bar – Slv (ttb-sb)
12 Oval jump rings-Slv
1 Small Heart – Slv (shso-b)
1 Key Charm- Slv (kcs-b)
1 Elongated Heart – Slv (ehcs-b)
1 Collage Sheet Paris (csp)
1 Nunn Design Glue

1. Select your image from the Paris Collage Sheet.  Trim the image to fit the bezel of choice. (Leave the Small Link Circle – Antique Silver empty)

2. Using the Nunn Design Glue, paint a thin coat into the base of the bezel.  Place your collage image from Step 1 into the base of the bezel on the wet glue.  Starting in the center, burnish the image down with a cotton swab, pressing any excess glue out to the edges

3. Paint a thin coat of the Nunn Design Glue over the top of the collage image ensuring you cover all 90° angles.  Let dry overnight (8 – 12 hours).  Note:  The dry time is critical to prevent bubbles from occurring due to the moisture in the collage image.

4. Using the Gel du Soleil, drop a few drops into the center of your fully dried collage image.  Tip the bezel slightly allowing the Gel to flow to the sides.  Continue to add additional amounts of Gel until you have filled the bezel to the desired height.

5. Use the headpin, matches, or a lighter to pop any bubbles that come to the surface. The headpin can be used directly on the bubble. To use the matches or lighter, hover the flame closely over the bubble in the resin – this will pull the bubble to the top and pop it. Be careful to keep the flame from actually touching the resin.

Let cure for 20 minutes under a glass dish on the windowsill in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp.  It must have the full intensity of the sun (no clouds) to cure.

Assembling Your Bracelet:

1. Using your cutters, cut the loop off of the end of the Mini Link Circle.  Glue the piece into the center of the Small Link Circle using strong glue such as Bond 527 Cement or E6000.

2. Using the 9mm Oval Jump rings, start to assemble the pieces using two pairs of needle-nose pliers to open and close the jump rings. Attach each bezel with a jump ring to the bracelet.

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74 thoughts on “Make This Charm Bracelet

  1. Marsha Sutcliffe says:

    Love the nunn design range. this bracelet would make a lovely gift for my best friend who lived in paris,france for years

  2. Jan Petek says:

    I love your tutorial! Thanks for putting it together! What a great project to help distract me from the upcoming holidays! Woohoo! And a great present too! Hope I win!
    Jan Petek

  3. Joanna-Gloria says:

    Finished downloading, dreamy piece and excellent instructions!!
    I so hope I win this, my first piece will be a gift for my sister’s birthday.

    FB: Gloria Grahame

  4. Lisanne says:

    Must admit I’ve never tried this…but as usual, the tutorial looks like you’ve made very understandable directions. I’ll have to try this!

  5. Christine OToole says:

    <3 <3 <3
    Love ~ Love ~ Love NUNN DESIGN products and tutorials! Thanks for offering great supplies to work with!!!

    Christine O'Toole
    Studio O ~ In the Heart of Stetsonville

  6. Kathy says:

    I would love to win these products, I’m always looking for something new. The scalloped edges on the new pendants are beautiful!

  7. Nilene Thompson-Finn says:

    What a stunning bracelet and easy to follow tutorial! I was transported to Paris. Can’t wait to try this technique and keeping my toes and fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner!

  8. Jaclyn says:

    your emails are the ones that catch my attention every time. You make me stop what I am doing to check out the new projects! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Susan says:

    Gorgeous bracelet. I’ve downloaded the instructions. Now will cross my fingers for this great give a way!
    Susan Berk
    @ Lucy B

  10. Sara Miller says:

    This is awesome giveaway. It gives people a chance to expand their knowledge on different techniques to make jewelry. I’ve seen a lot of videos on Nunn design and I love every minute of it. I would so love to be able to make something using Nunn design product. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Yours truly, Sara.

  11. Gina says:

    Charm bracelets are my favorite jewelry project. I have made many and this design is just what I’ve been looking for! I really want to make this just for myself.

  12. Susan Lindeman says:

    I have been wanting to try this technique with bezels and epoxy – would love to be the winner! Thanks for the instructions.

  13. Debra says:

    Another quality project! I love Nunn designs because I
    Know when I spend my time making a piece of jewelry, such as this
    Bracelet, it will be with me forever. Not cheap quality or
    Passing fancy. Heirloom quality!

  14. roBERTa says:

    I love Nunn Design products! I’ve been wanting to try the Gel du Soleil. This is a fabulous project, I would love to create this!

  15. Vikki Wilson says:

    Love love love, Nunn products! The tutorials give me a start and then I like to put my own twist on pieces!

    FB Victoria Wilson

  16. Melly Glass says:

    i haven’t had a chance to use the Gel du Soleil,but I have bought bezels from Nunn Design.This is an wonderful giveaway and project for people to get to know all about your products.Thanks for the chance. <3

  17. Mindy Anderson says:

    This looks like a very fun project, I can’t wait to try it/learn some new materials. I love the look of this design

  18. Brenda Shreves says:

    I have been wanting to work with resin. This would be a great prize to win so I could get started with it. Thank you for this contest.

  19. Debbi Dutra says:

    How beautiful is this! What a wonderful project this would be! My friends would be jealous! Thanks for sharing! Your tutorials are great!

  20. Susan W. says:

    Such a great bracelet. Been wanting to do a mixed-media project. Just got laid off, so no extra funds to purchase jewelry supplies at the moment. Would love to win. Fingers crossed!

  21. Crystal Penrod says:

    LOVE these new pieces…vintage look with a contemporary charm…can’t WAIT to play with these and see what creativity produces…

  22. Kim Ullrich says:

    I love, love, love the pieces you put together. It inspires my creative side. Can’t wait for me to get my resale license again, so I can start ordering wholesale with you. Looking forward to re-creating my small but humble business. Would so love this piece!

  23. 2zen says:

    Every day I spend hours on your website watching tutorials, products… And i see something amazing everytime!Thank you for this new opportunity to create!!

  24. Jacque says:

    I really love the quality and designs of your products, so I would love to win this bracelet kit! I have used your bezels with my own art (scanned and resized) as well as with designs I bought from you. Thank you!

  25. Annie Howes says:

    This is such a fun project! I can’t tell you how helpful it is to see the tutorial and be told what size to use for different pieces, like the 9mm jump ring. I’m forever lost when it comes to jump ring sizes.

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