NEW! 2013 Spring Collection from Nunn Design

Button Shanks! Birthstone Charms! Glass!
All In Stock and Shipping Now!

Product development is a funny thing. Sometimes I will create items and hold on to them for years until just the right time. The new Spring Button Shanks are one of these products. In January, I had decided not to release the Button Shanks into our Nunn Design Product Line and brought them to Tucson to sell off the prototypes. People went nuts-o over them and hence, here they are! It is all about timing. The button shanks are a great creative clasp solution for all of the knotting techniques that I’ve been learning. I can’t wait to keep playing.

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Enjoy creating!

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2 thoughts on “NEW! 2013 Spring Collection from Nunn Design

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Ooh! Buttons! Those look like fun. I can think of many possibilities. I am searching high and low for a box clasp with a bezel. Thought I would buzz that bee into your noggin! 😉 Enjoy the day, Miss Becky! Erin

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