New Earrings and Bangles! – Nunn Design 2019 Winter Collection Preview

January 10, 2019 Nunn Design will release the 2019 Winter Collection. This is part of a series of posts in which we highlight the full collection. Each blog post will provide all of the fine details – hopefully inspiring you to create!

In this blog post, we highlight new Earrings and Bangles. Both are solid brass wire and plated with precious metals. All of this is manufactured right here in the USA and are to the standard that you have come to expect from Nunn Design.

New Earrings!

A 6mm brass rolled edged setting is soldered onto a 16 gauge brass ear wire to create these adorable earrings. The inner dimensions of the bezel are 6mm x 1.3mm in depth. The outer dimensions are 8mm in diameter with a 1.5mm total depth. After soldering and cleaning, earrings are plated with 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Two of the plates are then oxidized in a secondary process to provide the precious metal the aged look.

Earrings are sold in packs of 10. All of this manufacturing is done in the USA.

Be Inspired!

New Bangles!

After a lot of requests for a bangle bracelet that was smaller in diameter, we are here to deliver it!

Bangles are formed out of 10 gauge solid brass wire and are substantial in weight and feel. They have the feeling of quality! Bangles are then plated in copper, 24k gold, .999 fine silver and ‘sterling’ silver. Bangles are oxidized in an additional plating process to create an aged look to the precious metals. Bangles are sold in bulk packs of 3 pieces. All manufacturing is done in the USA.

Be Inspired!

Make sure to mark your calendar for January 10th and keep your eyes peeled for the remaining 2019 Winter Collection features over the next week!

Shop wholesale 2019 Winter Collection – earrings!

Shop wholesale 2019 Winter Collection – bangles!

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