Nunn Design Jewelry for Embroidery Inspiration. Featuring Jessica of MCarolynandCo!

Nunn Design has collaborated with 5 embroidery artists to provide inspiring pieces of wearable art featuring Embroidery Jewelry. This week we are highlighting these artists and introducing you to their beautiful creations.

(Source: instagram @mcaryolynco)

Jessica took a break from stitching to answer a couple questions about her creative process. Everyone, meet Jessica of MCarolynandCo!

Becky: How do you balance your creative/business/family life?

Jessica: Finding a balance between work, family and creative works is something that I am sure most makers struggle with. I definitely do. I am married and just starting a new career. I also have a rescue dog that I am very active in training. However my creative itch is always there. I generally balance my life by prioritizing. I always put my husband first and make sure to set aside time for us. As far as finding time for embroidery, I usually work on things late at night or on the weekends. Embroidery is something that is very enjoyable and I always want to keep it that way. As much as I want exposure for my work, I also don’t want to get so busy that it becomes a job. So for me, finding the right balance means learning to prioritize and not take on too much at once.

Becky: Have you felt vulnerable in any way as you have gained more exposure with your embroidery?

Jessica: Yes! Two years ago I first posted my embroidery on Etsy and I was so nervous when I shared this on Facebook! I think that sharing an art or craft that you have poured your creativity and time into takes courage. But I am so happy that I decided to start this journey two years ago because by sharing my embroidery I have met some wonderful and amazing makers that are beyond supportive and positive!

Becky: Where did you learn embroidery? Do you have any suggestions for those who want to get started?

Jessica: My grandmother and mother taught me embroidery at a young age. I recently got back into it and had to refresh my memory. I found that watching videos of different stitches was extremely helpful. I also started with a “practice” hoop. I used this hoop to practice a variety of stitches, using different thread counts and needle sizes. I definitely recommend watching videos and making a practice hoop to get started!

Becky: How do you market/sell your work?

Jessica: I use social media as a source of marketing (Instagram and Facebook). I started out selling items on Etsy but now sell at local art/craft fairs and also have jewelry for sale in a local shop.

Becky: Did you enjoy working with the Nunn Design Jewelry Kits for Embroidery?

(Source: instagram @mcarolynandco)

Jessica: Yes! The kits come with a metal insert that fits the bezel perfectly. Prior to using the kits I had to cut my own inserts but by using the kits I am able to bypass this step altogether which really streamlines the assembly process!

Be Inspired!

Jessica chose to create ornaments and brooches with a holiday flair! The Nunn Design Team all loved the reindeer ornaments!!!

Learn More About Jessica:

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