Watch Class Video! Colorized Resin on Organic Metal Beads!

Here is an extended class video providing detailed instructions narrated by me, Becky Nunn. In the video Colorizing Resin on Organic Metal Beads you will be able to see me creating these actual pieces.  

In this class you will learn:

  • How to mix Nunn Design Resin
  • How to add colorants to create various colors
  • A cheat sheet for color formulas

This video goes with our photo tutorial shared yesterday: Colorized Resin on Organic Metal Beads Tutorial + Video

Shop the Buy & Try!

With each of our Buy & Try Tutorials, all of the supplies you will need are available for you to purchase.

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For Wholesalers:

The Special Offer period of this Buy & Try has passed; however, you may still purchase the supplies for this technique!

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