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Giveaway! My new friends at WoolyWire sent me a stash of fibers to play with. Oh, and such play I had! I received so much of a stash that I have plenty to share with two lucky winners!


WoolyWire is a fiber that has been hand dyed and hand spun onto 24-gauge solid copper wire. It can be shaped, twisted, coiled, wrapped, woven through chain, formed into links, just to name a few ideas. It has been permanently felted to keep the fiber on the wire. WoolyWire is sold in 36” increments and is available in all sorts of beautiful colors. It is easy to work with and the possibilities are great.

You can see The Making of WoolyWire here.


WoolyWire Giveaway:

We will select at random 2 lucky winners to send The WoolyWire Giveaway to, a retail value of $125.00 each! To enter to win:

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on today’s blog post stating what you’d like to wrap with WoolyWire.

The WoolyWire Giveaway contest ends November 14th, 2014 at 11:59pm with the winner being announced on November 17th, 2014. Good Luck!

***UPDATE: Congratulations to Terry V. and Susan S.! The lucky winners of our WoolyWire Giveaway***

Visit WoolyWire

Please visit WoolyWire on Etsy or be inspired on their Pinterest.

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76 thoughts on “WoolyWire Giveaway + Inspiration!

  1. Emily Webb says:

    This looks so awesome!
    I’d use it in conjunction with a lot of my designs including wire wrapped cabochons and I can see it being a fun addition to chainmaille designs too. I’ve also started combining wire wrapping with horseshoes and this would be a really fun addition to that idea also.

  2. Judith Paixao says:

    Intrigued by the softness the wool brings to an otherwise hard looking form … And love the range of colors. I work with Seaglass and never wrap it. However I have many small old bottle bottoms and think that it would be quite beautiful to use sea colors (and the peaches/pinks) of the wooly wire to make some small jellyfish as sculptural forms hanging from a long necklace. At least, that’s my first thought!! Hopefully you’ll let us post subsequent thoughts! You’ve certainly got me thinking … It’s always interesting finding new format to incorporate in to fine jewelry!! Thanks for introducing …

  3. Victoria Newton says:


  4. Gina says:

    Very cool product! I would mix the wire with vintage spoons to make a layered bracelet. I also like the way you wrapped the ‘tube’ pendant-I would add the wrapped tube to some old coins for a great boho necklace!

  5. Nancy Nearing says:

    I would love to try this wire as a tie on my Mary Jane slipper ornaments, and as a wrap to hollow bead ornaments. I think it would be perfect, and the colors would complement the silkscreen beautifully.

  6. Barbara Sosna says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to the new product! There are so many possibilities. I create with polymer clay and metals. I must get some of this woolywire.

  7. Cheri Mitchell-Reed says:

    Hello, I think I would use wooly – wire in my new triple design bracelets. I have been working on a design.

    Thank you,

  8. Rijacki says:

    The Wooly Wire is gorgeous. I would love to make a project linking my handmade resin cabochons with Nunn Design bezels resin or epoxy clay filled with complimentary designs creating a chain of them for either a bracelet or a necklace. The Wooly Wire would be a good unifier for the concept.

  9. Terry Vaughn says:

    i would love to integrate WoolyWire into the memory wire bracelets that I am making. I would also like to see if it coils for bead making! It is so beautiful.

  10. Jennifer H says:

    what gorgeous colors!!!! I love that the wool is wire-wrapped so you can manipulate in jewelry….in bezels and chain…and use it in mixed media projects when you want to add the perfect splash of color.

  11. judith paixao says:

    I’d like to try making a design out of seaglass and the wooly wire greens as a seaweed bracelet or necklace centerpiece … I think it would be quite interesting to use the ww to make jump rings, etc to hold everything together in a much softer form than mere metal. copper is one of my favorite metals to use … so nautical!

  12. hobyadams@yahoo.com says:

    The new wooly wire looks like an exciting addition to the many wires that are available today. Looking forward to working with it.

  13. Susan Samuel says:

    I have heard of wooly wire before but have never had the time to enquire into it before. Would love the chance to have a play. I enjoy jewellery making and mixed media work and it could be incorporated into both of these.

  14. Debra Beach says:

    Wow, I love how you used woolywire in your designs! I would love to mix it with metal chain and links, and some type of cabachon or pendant. Thank you for the contest, and for sharing your awesome ideas.

  15. Kathy says:

    I love these ideas – love the wooly wire but could not figure out how to use it before. Thanks! So I would do something like your pendant structure where its in the bezel and around the tube.


  16. Diane Lee says:

    I would love to incorporate this gorgeous wooly wire into necklace creations that use beads, chain and sari silks, perhaps incorporate some micro-maille into the mix as well. The possibilities are endless I think. Thank you for the great giveaway !! ~peace 🙂

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