Artisan Spotlight: Debbi Simon

How Debbi Simon finds the time to do all that she does, I just don’t know.  Besides being my ad rep for Interweave Publications, she always seems to show up somewhere teaching a class, being featured in a magazine, or offering video classes at Craftsy or Beaducation.

I have found Debbi to be consistently pushing the envelope with her art, a quality I love in an artist.  Debbi studied art and design at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) and continually experiments with different mediums including epoxy clays, resin and metal clay.

“The products available in the jewelry market have allowed me to add texture and color into my jewelry work like I do in my paintings,” states Simon. “These forms of jewelry making compliment my fine art, allowing me to be the type of artist that I am.”

Debbi’s original jewelry designs have been published in national and international magazines and numerous books. She is an Ambassador for CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and is currently teaching workshops and demos in mixed media, resin, epoxy clay and crystals nationwide.

Debbi has extended a special discount offer to those of you who would like to learn from her online.  You can review her Epoxy Clay class online at Craftsy, or her Resin Classes at Beaducation (Enter coupon code: DSPC for 20% Off).

Please visit Debbi at


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