Brags on You!

I want to give a big thank you to everyone for sending in your images or including a #nunndesign to your Instagram posts. We love seeing what you are creating and being able to share your work.

Here is the line-up of our latest Brags on You!

I love the creative pieces produced by Jessica of Thimble Thistle. Jessica is now offering a line of custom pet portraits that are adorable!
Follow on Instagram: @thimblethistle

Erin Prais-Hintz created these great polymer pieces using the latest from our Wire Frame Collection. Read Erin’s write up on Art Bead Scene Studio’s Blog.

Rainbows on rainbows! Not only from the ribbon cable, but from the crystal dangles that create an actual rainbow 🌈

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Copper teardrops: the perfect accessory to coordinate with the warm hues of fall!

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Circuit Breaker Lab created these fun pendants.
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This Singapore-based jewelry company has developed a beautiful brand! Their jewelry and quality is bar-none!
Follow on Instagram: @edenandelie

Our friends at Busy Beedz Jewelry are always finding new ways to keep their jewelry fresh!
Follow on Instagram: @busybeedz

We always enjoy collaborating with Iris Mishly! Take a look at the latest online class she is offering.
Iris’s Blog: – TRANSform Your Clay – New Polymer Clay Tutorial by Iris Mishly
Follow on Instagram: @irismishly

Here is a fun video from

Tutorial: – Little Night Owls

Guys – I’ve been on the hunt for bigger ring sizes as I know it has been an ask for lots of you and I have an update! . My usual supplier has a size 8 in this style (yay!) so I’ve got some on the way from her. I’ve also got some adjustable rings in sterling on route in an oval shape from her as well. . I’m also testing a couple (literally only a couple) circle ones with a thin band from a different supplier in sterling in a size 9, though I likely won’t stick with them due to their prices as it means I’d have to raise my pricing for rings – which I don’t want to do. I’d like to keep things at the price point I’ve found as being the sweet spot. . I just wanted you all to know I’m working on it! The hunt is tough, but hopefully I will find some more soon that will ensure I can keep my prices down or at the very least where they are now. Thanks for being patient! ☺️

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Every free moment I have in the morning and night is filled with prep work! I’ve got almost everything ready for Artisan on Saturday, I just need to do some mock ups of my table tonight and finish up some chain work for some necklaces. Then I should be ready to go! . I have a TON of new product, stuff I don’t have listed, ready to go. I’ll have some pieces from my new minimalist collection I plan on “officially” launching soon on my website, plus my matching sets, rings and more. . I have already heard from some very excited people that they can’t wait for this event, and neither can I! This was my very first “event” I attended as a vendor, ever, so it holds a special place in my heart. See you at @ellisartstudios on Saturday!

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Some beautiful jewelry is coming from Flora & Forest!
Follow on Instagram: @flora.and.forest

Ferns silver and pearls on our first bangle 🌿 . What would you like on yours?! . . . #nunndesign

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These ROOTED boho circles are my happy place 🌿 . .

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It has been so much fun watching Gracefully Wrapped create beautiful jewelry with Nunn Design Findings!
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Take a look at the beautiful creations that Flowerleaf Studio has been creating.
Follow on Instagram:  @flowerleafstudio

Thank you everyone for sending in your creations or tagging us! We love seeing what you are up to and promoting your work! If you have something you’d like to share, email me at

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