Non-Stocking Catalogue Now Live!

Time and time again, we at Nunn Design select and narrow down what is released with each new collection. From each collection that is offered, there might be 10-15 items that we didn’t release for various reasons. Instead of storing our product ideas that didn’t move forward in boxes under our desks, we put together a Non-Stocking Program.

Non-Stocking Program

The Nunn Design Non-Stocking Program allows for customers to purchase findings that aren’t readily available for wholesale purchase to everyone. Non-Stocking items are…well, non-stocking. The Non-Stocking findings require some lead-time and minimum purchase quantities, so planning is required.

There have been some new additions to the Non-Stocking Program and a Catalogue to help you see the full line and what we have to offer.

Download the Non-Stocking Catalogue
Click here to shop the Non-Stocking Program

In addition to the Non-Stocking Program, we have two other ways we can work with you to help you create the items that you are looking for.

1. Special Requests.

Our definition of a Special Request is taking an existing Nunn Design Jewelry Finding and modifying it. There are minimum purchase requirements (minimums vary but typically start at 50 pieces) and lead-time, however this is an easy way to have a jewelry finding that will help set your jewelry brand apart from the rest.

Here are some examples of special requests that we have been able to create for customers:

  • Creating additional loops and holes, or configuring the loops and holes in different locations on a bezel or finding
  • Different sizes of bangles
  • Special plating – such as rack plating for engraving or metal stamping as well as nickel-free plating.
  • Additional sizes of rings (several size 9 and 10 have been made)
  • Retired items are still available! Anything that we have done in the past, we can produce for you!
  • Additional sizes in jump rings, headpins or lobster clasps
  • Larger diameters in pewter cast bead caps
  • We can create a ring, lapel pin, screw back bezel, or post earring with existing bezels or flat tags. (Now your mind is seeing the possibilities…right?)
  • Smaller or larger size leather cuff bracelets
  • Special colors of Deerskin Lace or Leather Cord

2. Custom Requests

Custom requests consist of items that we don’t stock and that we would need to manufacture for you. Although we would love to do everything, we just aren’t able to accommodate all requests, so we apologize in advance if we have to say “no.”

Custom requests do require set up costs, minimums and have longer lead-times. Here are some ideas of custom requests that we would be able to explore with you to set your jewelry brand apart from the rest.

Ask Us!

Please feel free to make other requests. We will gladly explore the opportunity to work with you.

We hope that we can start a dialogue with you to see if any of these services will help you grow your brand and business. Contact Cheryl at if your interest has been peeked. Let us see if we can collaborate together.

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