15 Free DIY Jewelry Videos!

Having good information takes the “scare” out of being creative for myself.  When I want to learn something, I start by searching out information that can give me an overview on whatever it is that I want to know.  From there it isn’t so scary to sit down and give things a try.  I find that I have better success too!

Here are some free DIY jewelry videos that I have compiled.  All of these techniques can be done using Nunn Design® components.



Epoxy Clay:

DeCoRé two-part epoxy – by BeadSmith

How to Use Crystal Clay – by Beadaholique

Crystal Clay two part epoxy clay – by BeadSmith

Crystal Clay alternative finishing methods – by BeadSmith


Metal Stamping

Stamping on Metal – by Beaducation

Stamp it, Dap it, Wrap it – by Beaducation

Collage Stamping – by Beaducation


2 Part Resin:

How to Make Resin Art Pendants – by Rio Grande

How To Magnify An Image Using Doming Resin – by Rio Grande

Bezel-Bezel Resin Basics – by Beaducation

How to use ICE Resin to make resin jewelry – by Artbeads.com

How to Use Ice Resin – by Beadaholique

Preparing and Using Resin – by Limabeads

How to Prevent Bubbles in Your Resin – by Limabeads


Gel du Soleil (UV Resin)

Making Jewelry with UV Resin – by Beaducation

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