2018 Winter Collection Inspiration by Team Member – Haylee

Haylee is the youngest member on the Nunn Design Team and our token millennial. I often stalk Haylee to see what she is liking on Pinterest and Instagram to provide a glimpse into the millennial mindset.

Haylee has a very fun style to her jewelry. She tends to be influenced by her love of cosplay (the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book or video…I had to look it up too the first time I heard of it). Haylee is always game to create jewelry that is metal stamped, incorporating words and phrases that also give us a glimpse into her millennial style.

Here are some of the pieces that Haylee created during our most recent quarterly Nunn Design Art Day. Haylee selected several of the organic pieces from the 2018 Winter Collection Release.

And I’m totally smitten over this piece she did featuring the new Bailed Hinges!

Here are some other pieces that Haylee has created during past art days. You got to love this hip fresh look!

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One thought on “2018 Winter Collection Inspiration by Team Member – Haylee

  1. Katherine Babcock says:

    I love this post series! Spotlighting each team member’s projects using components from the 2018 Winter Collection? BRILLIANT! I have so many new ideas my head feels like it might burst. I love the different styles and getting to see how these creative ladies implement the same pieces in very different ways. The members of this team are gifted visionaries, and it’s a real pleasure to view their unique treasures. Thanks for sharing each one!

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