2019 Summer Collection Releases Today!

Yahoo! The Nunn Design 2019 Summer Collection launches today! There is a variety of findings and looks that will hopefully fit all of our customers’ needs!

Ready to get started? Shop the 2019 Summer Collection now! You can also download a copy of the Master Catalogue here. If you are a current wholesale customer with Nunn Design, you will be receiving a paper copy of the Summer Collection Catalogue in the mail in the next few weeks.

Over the past two weeks, we have highlighted the 2019 Summer Collection on our Nunn Design Blog. To read more on each finding featured throughout these past weeks, click on the link to read about all the specific details.

Let’s review the 2019 Summer Collection line up!

Take a Tour of the 2019 Summer Collection!

Follow along in this under 15 minute video where I show off the new items in our 2019 Summer Collection. What are your favorites?

New Bitsy Bezels & Itsy Earrings!

Don’t you love bitsy bezels? We do too! New to our bezel line are these littles –The Bitsy Bezel Navette and Bitsy Bezel Oval. The size of these bezels is in the range of our other itsy bezels here and mini link bezels here.

Look at these itsy beauties! We’ve added these new shapes, Navette and Oval, to our line. They compliment the Earring Post Itsy Circles already available. The Itsy Navette earrings could easily pair with any other Navette shapes we offer. Read More!

New Organic Hoops and Links!

This series of Organic Hoops and Links featured in the Nunn Design 2019 Summer Collection features 6 different hoops and link sizes. After creating extensively with these new Organic Hoops and Links, I have to report, there is no overlap. I found that I loved designing with each and every one of these sizes and shapes and simply could not find any one of the options to eliminate. Read more!

5 New Beads!

If I was to be forced to pick a favorite category of findings from the 2019 Nunn Design Summer Collection, these beads would be it! The Organic Hoops and Links are diverse as all get-out, but these beads are so lovely and FUN to design with! Read more!

3 New Nature Charms!

There are 3 new leaf charms available in the 2019 Summer Collection. All are cast with lead-free pewter and plated with copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Plated charms are then oxidized to provide an aged look to the precious metal. Charms are sold in bulk packs of 5 or 10 pieces. All of this process is done in the USA. Read more!

New Cuff Bracelets + Crawford Waxed Linen Thread

Brass cuffs are formed from square 10-gauge wire and plated with copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Cuffs are then oxidized to provide an aged look to the precious metal.

We selected a 12 ply Waxed Linen Thread manufactured by an industry leader, Crawford Thread Company. 12 ply thread is sold in 10-yard increments and spooled on a Nunn Design card. Read more!

Join the Nunn Design Wholesale Facebook Group for a Watch Party on June 6th.

I will be going over the full 2019 Summer Collection and showing you samples and will be available to answer questions you might have during the watch party. This is a private group and you need to sign-up to be invited. There are only a couple of steps to accept our invitation to be part of the Facebook Group. Send Cheryl@nunndesign.com the email address you used to create your Facebook account if you would like to be invited. 

Save the Date!
2019 Summer Collection Flash Sale June 13th!

If you would like to purchase samples to test the new collection, make sure to shop the June 13th Flash Sale. Flash Sales allow Nunn Design customers to purchase smaller quantities on featured items and check out with less than the $100.00 minimum order. Save the Date!

Now are you ready? Shop the 2019 Summer Collection now!
Download a copy of the 2019 Summer Catalogue here.

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