2020 Winter Collection is Here! Explore the Possibilities!

A Labor of Love!

As a child growing up in Southeast Alaska, I spent many rainy days indoors engrossed in my favorite book. While my seven siblings were reading Tom Sawyer or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was curled up with our family’s tattered JC Penney mail order catalogue.

My home-town was a small community where the only access, in or out, was by plane or boat. Department stores were few and far between. Mail-order catalogues, like my favorite from JC Penney, were the portal to all consumable goods. I spent hours looking through the glossy pages, reading the descriptions, imagining the possibilities.

As I grew older this catalogue played a key role in analyzing my options for the coming school year. You can imagine my excitement on the first day of second grade as I carefully laid out my outfit, just as I had seen it in the catalogue. I walked into the classroom, so very proud of myself, only to see two other children with the exact same clothes. In fact, if asked, I could have recited the description for every outfit in that room, including the teacher. I thought I had created something special, but how could it be special if everyone else has the exact same things. My mother tried her best to console me, “You will fit in and be like the other kids,” but I was crushed. My love for catalogues died that day, but this experience eventually helped form the core beliefs of Nunn Design, a company that allows each person’s creations to be unique and one-of-a-kind.

This year’s catalogue is truly a labor of love. It is my hope that it will become a treasured catalogue for you. With each technique pictured in the following pages, you will find all of the supplies, tutorials, and videos needed to explore the endless possibilities for unique jewelry to create that is true to your brand.

The print version of the 2020 Nunn Design Catalogue is in the mail to you! If you would like to see the digital version, you can download a copy of the catalogue and begin to explore the possibilities!

Over the past weeks, we have highlighted the 2020 Winter Collection on the Nunn Design Blog. Click on the following images to read about all of the findings that are new to the Nunn Design Collection of Jewelry Findings.

4 New Grande Bezels!

Learn more: 2020 Winter Product Review – New Grande Bezels!

6 New Open Back Bezels!

Learn more: 2020 Winter Product Review – New Open Frame Bezels!

7 New Charms and Drops!

Learn more: 2020 Winter Product Review – New Charms & Drops!

3 New Beads!

Learn more: 2020 Winter Product Review – New Beads!

A New Bangle Bracelet and Pre-Assembled Necklaces!

Learn more: 2020 Product Review – New Bangle Bracelets & Assembled Necklaces!

4 New Wire Earrings, 4 New Post Earrings, 1 New Earring Wire (Dang!)

Learn more: 2020 Winter Product Review – New Earrings & Earwires!

6 New Flat Tags!

Learn more: 2020 Winter Product Review – New Flat Tags!


Download the 2020 Master Catalogue!

We are on the edge of our seats in anticipation and excitement of what you think! Please leave us comments as to what you are excited about, would like to see more of or just to say “hi”.

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