5 Cutting Edge Resin Trends!


If you are looking to be inspired about where to take your resin jewelry making skills, this post is meant to push you forward. In this week’s line-up I have selected several artists that I find to be very inspiring. It makes me want to comb the beach for beach glass and actually ask to go on a hike with my husband so I can gather some bark from the trees. You know you are a resin artist when “everything is better with resin poured on it.”

Here are 5 trends that I see are popular in resin.

1. Resin & Organics


I really like the organic mosaics created by Etsy artist, Pretty Good. Each piece is created with multi-colored stones and pebbles from the beaches of New Zealand.


Not only do I like the organics that Sylwia Calus of Warsaw Poland is embedding into her resin, I love her organic shapes! These inspirational pieces were found on her Etsy site; Sisicata.

2. Open Back Bezels with Delicate Frames


Angela from Bella Anela Jewelry, another wonderful Etsy artist, is creating very delicate pieces using open back bezels and resin.


Black Drop Designs has the advantage of such wonderful photography that they embed into their resin pieces. Their jewelry is striking and bold, yet elegant and fine.


Oh, isn’t this just the best? http://www.fler.cz/zbozi/nausnice-4807610

3. Resin and Wood


Britta Boeckmann from the Etsy shop BoldB is doing some amazing pieces that incorporate wood. I’m really in awe over her pieces!


Modern Flower Child is creating some beautiful resin bangles. I really like this one that incorporates birch bark.

4. Resin Gone 3D


Resin covered bangles are very much in vogue. I really like the bold colors and graphics that Iris Design of Kefar Yavne, Israel is creating and offering on her Etsy site.


Here is another wide bangle from Modern Flower Child. I love the look of the feathers that are incorporated into the bold modern cuff.


I have featured these pendants by Alice Kresse before, but I just love the cone shape.


I have posted several small spheres on Pinterest like this one, but this is still the highest item pinned from our Pinterest site. I think it is a combination of the seashells and the slightly tinted resin. Regardless, it is a look that people love!

5. Resin with Glass & Gold Flakes


Isn’t this piece by Etsy artist Alice of Resin Jewels by Alice beautiful!


I have been playing with glass glitter flakes and Gel du Soleil. We will be offering a Buy & Try featuring this technique launching July 9th. Keep an eye out for the upcoming tutorial.


In this beautiful piece from Sylwia Calus of Warsaw Poland she is embedding gold flakes into her organic shape!

Learn How!

If you are interested in learning how to work with resin, how to embed organics, how to use open back bezels or how to create custom bangles, read on!

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11 thoughts on “5 Cutting Edge Resin Trends!

  1. Michelle says:

    These are beautiful! I’m esp. drawn to those with the tiny pebbles and the bits of gorgeous wood. Such creativity and a deft hand to make these. TFS!

  2. Becky Nelson says:

    Has anyone else had a problem with using packing tape when filling an open bezel? 98% of the time mine is either sticky or cloudy…HELP

    • beckynunn says:

      Yes Becky! I have had the same results. When you pull off the packing tape, the stickiness of the tape will still be on the backside of the cured resin. I have found the best way to get rid of that is to use a produce called Goo Gone. Take a look at the many tutorials on our blog that talks about how to clean the backsides once you remove the tape: https://www.nunndesign.com/?s=How+to+use+resin+in+open+back+bezels&submit.x=10&submit.y=7&post_type=post

    • beckynunn says:

      As far as the cloudy part goes, I have had a frosted look when using tapes such as masking tape and painters tape (you know the blue stuff?). The painters tape is awesome because it just peels up with no sticky residue left on the resin, but it does leave a frosted textured look in the resin.

    • Sarah says:

      I read in a tutorial recently that if your resin is sticky from the tape just keep sticking the tape back on and taking it off again. The adhesive residue will eventually all come off onto the tape leaving your resin surface goo-free!

  3. Lulute says:

    A plusieurs reprises on peut lire des commentaires négatifs sur la qualité de vos produits. Ca ne donne pas très envie de commander. Je cherche une résine très transparente et surtout qui ne jaunit pas avec le temps. Pouvez-vous m’assurer que je peux trouver ce produit chez vous ? Merci de votre réponse.

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