7 More Pinterest Cheat Sheets to Pin

What? Another batch of Pinterest Cheat Sheets to Pin?! Sure, why not!

Scroll through and see Pinterest Cheat Sheets on crystal clay pendants and cuffs (embedded with wire and rhinestone chain), black chaton embedded ring and earrings, resin filled hexagon rings and a few more.

Pin these and schedule some time in your day for creating!

How To Make A Crystal Clay Pendant In a Wire Frame

How To Make A Darling Textured Epoxy Clay Ring

How To Create Resin Filled Open Back Bezel Rings

How To Make These Black Chaton Gold Earrings

How To Make A Crystal Clay Cuff Bracelet

How To Make This Black Chaton Gold Ring

How To Drill A Hammered Ring

Any Requests?

Let us know if we have any tutorial blog posts that you’d like a Pinterest Cheatsheet for to pin!

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