New Non-Stocking Organic Open Back Bezels! Findings for Crystals, Stones and Cabochons

Nunn Design is always looking for a way to incorporate the latest jewelry making trends in our findings collection. One trend that we have addressed is the use of crystals, stones and cabochons set within a more organic looking bezel.

What Nunn Design is really good at is designing findings that we can cast in pewter and create from raw brass.

What we don’t excel in is offering great pricing on crystals, stones and cabochons. There are many other companies that can do this way better than we ever could, because they specialize in it. Swarovski is one of those companies.

The latest addition to our Non-Stocking Program is a line of Organic Open Back Bezels that are designed to work with crystals, like Swarovski, and other standard cut crystals, stones and cabochons.

  • Open Back Bezel Circle 8mm: Setting for 8.2mm round chaton stone size SS39
  • Open Back Bezel Pear 14mm: Setting for 14mm pear stone
  • Open Back Bezel Square 12mm: Setting for 12mm square cushion stone

As with most Nunn Design Findings, the newest Non-Stocking Organic Open Back Bezels are not limited to just crystals, stones and cabochons. They could also be used with Nunn Design Resin, Crystal Clay, polymer clay, glass and the kitchen sink (not really, just checking if you are open to the possibilities).

Non-Stocking Organic Open Back Bezels

Non-Stocking Open Back Bezels are available in three shapes. All the Open Back Bezels are cast in lead-free pewter and plated with a copper, 24k gold and .999 silver. Cast and plated in the USA.

Open Back Bezel Circle 8mm

Open Back Bezel Pear 14mm

Open Back Bezel Square 12mm

How the Non-Stocking Program Works

  • The Nunn Design Non-Stocking Program allows for customers to purchase findings that aren’t readily available for wholesale purchase to everyone. Non-Stocking items are…well, non-stocking.
  • The Non-Stocking findings require some lead-time and minimum purchase quantities, so planning is required.
  • The minimum for the Non-Stocking Organic Open Back Bezels is 100 pieces per size. You are able to plate the 100 pieces in other plates, with the minimum per plate being 50 pieces.

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8 thoughts on “New Non-Stocking Organic Open Back Bezels! Findings for Crystals, Stones and Cabochons

  1. Karen Hess says:

    This sounds lovely but I believe it’s geared to the retailer due to minimum order requirements. Question…how do the stones set in the bezel? It doesn’t appear that the bezels have a girdle that would fold against and secure the stone. Would you be dependent upon glue?

    • beckynunn says:

      Yes Karen. They are geared to the retailer or production jewelry artist that has the need for larger quantities. We have been getting such great feedback that I’m considering “testing it” officially in a Flash Sale to see if we have enough interest.
      Yes, the stones will need to be glued in. I have a post coming out on Tuesday that explores the variety of glues that will best be suited.

  2. Solverg Passmann says:

    Super – I love them all ! Would be absolutely awesome to have the round ones for Rivolis 14mm , too … 🙂

    And a flash sale for these would be great, too !

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