7 Ways to Use Excess Crystal Clay Bits

Have you every had those moments where you mixed up a batch of Crystal Clay 2-Part Epoxy, did your project and had some leftover extra bits? Or, you mixed up a batch with the best intentions of doing a “big” project, but your window of opportunity faded because someone wanted a snack? Well, I have. More times than I care to admit. That is what led me to finding 7 creative ways to eliminate waste by creating fun accents with my excess Crystal Clay bits.

Over the past week, I have posted 5 tutorials for using up your excess Crystal Clay bits. Here is a recap of those tutorials plus two final tips!

1. Create a Bead!


Wrap a bit of excess Crystal Clay around a Nunn Design Tube Bead to create an interesting statement bead.

2.  Create an Accent on a Jumpring!

2-excessclay-jumpring-accent-collage DSC_0554_

Here is the 2nd of the 7 ways you can use up those excess bits of Crystal Clay. Add the clay onto a jumpring to create an interesting accent!

 3.  Make a Texturized and Colorized Drop Dangle

3_excessclay-cover-damagedtag-collage DSC_0850_1000x1000

These are super fun to create. I have been known to make a batch of these even without having excess Crystal Clay. I create headpin swatches to use for testing my colorized resin. I do this to see exactly what the colorized resin is going to look like on various colors of Crystal Clay prior to pouring my Colorized Resin on my finished piece. Good idea, don’t you think?

 4.  Make a Beaded Drop!

6_beadeddrop-collage DSC_0632_1000x1000

This is one of my newest ways that I’ve started to use my excess Crystal Clay. It is also a great way to use up excess snips of ball chain that you might have on hand.

 5. Make a Sculpted Drop Accent Charm!

7_excessclay_sculpdropresin-collage DSC_0745_1000x1000

I’ve saved the very best tutorial for last! I think these pieces are stunning.

Now, onto the remaining 2 of the 7 Ways to Use Your Excess Crystal Clay Bits!

 6. Cover a Damaged Flat Tag!


Now, we are getting into a double waste saver! Use up those excess Crystal Clay bits and those damaged tags that just didn’t come out the way you wanted! There are two different ways to do this.
1.  Cover with Crystal Clay, Texturize and Colorize 2-Part Resin or
2.  Cover with Crystal Clay, Rubber Stamp and cover with Gel du Soleil, a UV Resin. Both require very little clay. Both offer a great look.

Watch a Video!

Download a Tutorial!

 7.  Make an Itsy Accent!


All of these jewelry samples require oh so little bits of excess Crystal Clay!  They are all fast, easy, yet look so great!

Watch a Video!

Read a Tutorial!

That’s a wrap! That was 7 ways to use excess Crystal Clay Bits.  Do you have tip #8 to share?

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