8 Ways to Create a Metallic Look on Polymer Clay – by The Blue Bottle Tree

I’m a big fan of Ginger Davis Allman’s blog The Blue Bottle Tree. Ginger really takes her time and goes deep in her tutorials and information sharing. The analytical part of me just loves to cruise her site and glean all of her hours of research and insights. She is very generous with her information!

Recently I dropped Ginger an email because I was curious on how to create a certain type of gold look on clay. She specializes in polymer clay, so she directed me to this blog post; 8 Ways to Create a Metallic Look on Polymer Clay and welcomed that I share it with you guys. It contains super fun tips!

In the Ginger’s blog post, she shows in detail the 8 different ways to create a metallic look.

Here are the 8 ways:

  1. Metallic Polymer Clay
  2. Rub ‘n Buff
  3. Gilders Paste
  4. Inka Gold
  5. Pearl Ex Powders
  6. Gold Leaf
  7. Acrylic Paint
  8. Precious Metal Colors

If you are at all interested in this subject, it is worth taking a look at Ginger’s full post on her blog! She even has a resource area with links!

Thank you Ginger!! I so appreciate you!

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