A Siren Call To Remember

Photo by Greg Alford

I once read an account of a poet who described their writing process as, “The poem would come up from behind, and I had to run like mad to get a pen so the words could flow through me and onto the paper before they passed.”

Last weekend, I had that experience.

I woke in the night and knew I needed to get up to write. I rose from my warm bed, shuffled into the living room, lit a candle, and let the words flow through me.

I was processing through the events of the day while in my dream state. My husband and I had agreed to chaperone the class of 2024’s senior prom that evening. As we drove to the event, we shared our prom stories with one another. Recounting my memories of senior prom provoked emotions as if my own experience was only yesterday.

In my sleep, I can assume I must have been grieving. I was grieving for my daughter Emillia, who came of age during the time of Covid. I was grieving like a new mother whose birthing plan didn’t go as they had wished, or like a nursing mother who can’t produce enough milk to breastfeed her infant. The dream, then the writing, was a call for me to heal and to remember.

Many of us don’t want to look back on this unprecedented time in our human history. In my favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Bennet tells Elizabeth, “I will forget sooner than I ought” after he is led to believe his brother-in-law has financially bailed them out of a family scandal.

I write this siren’s call to remember for all of us. Something transformative happened during those years of lockdown. A call to heal. A call to transform. A chance to do things differently.

All my love-

A Siren Call To Remember

As I walked the streets, I could hear the pulsing. The beat of the sound traveled across the night sky. It passed through me and ricocheted off the walls of the historical seaport town where I live. A town that has witnessed a lot of history but nothing like it was witnessing now.

Tonight, my daughter was dancing to that beat. I closed my eyes and imagined her dancing in unison with the others in the tribe.

Photo by Al McCleese

Emillia was one of so many around the globe who came of age during a time of COVID. Her life’s memories and the memories of the collective consciousness will forever be etched.

Her tribe did not have a senior year like many of us did. School was conducted entirely online. Her entry into young adulthood and coming of age took place outside, masked, six feet apart.

But this night, as the rhythm echoed across our sleepy town, many of us were awakened. We were awakened to the beat of their drum. The class of 2021 was experiencing their first live event of the year, outside on the high school tennis court. It was senior prom.


I imagined them being moved by this beat. Jumping. Their young bodies uniting together as one.

This experience changed me. As the sound waves penetrated through me, I committed to remembering that night. I was awakened to a calling greater than myself. A calling to help our children heal from the years of lockdown. From the trauma of not being able to see the faces of their loved ones as they were covered with a mask. Incapable of seeing a smile or feeling a hug.

That night, as the beat traveled across our small town, the siren call came. It spoke of healing. It spoke of joy. It spoke of connection. It reminded me of what was essential.

Photo by Jim Kuo

Peace on earth.
Goodwill to all.

The time has come for us to come together and feel this pulse that calls to us all. To collectively heal our own childhood traumas so that we can help our children heal theirs.  Changing our hearts will change the planet we live on.

I can hear it.
I can feel it.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

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1 thoughts on “A Siren Call To Remember

  1. Nancy Lacke says:

    Becky, you are such a gifted writer. Something I am not and admire how beautifully you write. Covid had such an impact on our lives. My grandson was a little over a year when the lockdown happened. His parents hired a nanny so they could work and they could all be kept healthy. However, the impact of Covid lasted far beyond 2021 especially when it came to indoor activities. My grandson’s circle was very small and I don’t doubt, in ways maybe yet to know, how this has changed him. BTW Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite movies.

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