An Easy & Fun Project

This project received a ton of attention at the Bead & Button show earlier this month. Here is a super easy technique using the rhinestone chain
(approx 8″ worth), Nunn Design Bangle Bracelets and 22-gauge wire.  These simple steps will get you started:

1.  Cut 2 feet of wire (don’t panic if you don’t have enough, you can always start mid wrap)
2.  To start wrapping, lay the rhinestone chain on the bangle bracelet.  Wrap the wire a couple times around the bangle and the chain at the starting point and then just continued to wrap, wrap, and wrap some more.
3.  If you have more rhinestone chain then you need, cut off the excess.  If you don’t have enough, cut more chain and repeat step one to start the wrapping process.
4.  I added on one of our decorative tags to finish the bracelet.  Add a charm of your choice or just be content with complete bling!

Enjoy creating!

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4 thoughts on “An Easy & Fun Project

  1. Tobey says:

    I have made quite a few of these, and they sell well in my gift shop, so super simple to make! thanks for the idea! Only problem is I wish there was a bangle that had a bit wider opening as well as the standard, I have quite a few people that would love to buy these, but they can’t get the bangle over their hand. Thank you.

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