Artisan Feature: Lisa Rogers Studio

Lisa ventured into the world of art at the tender age of three when she decided that the white walls needed her special touch of magenta crayon. She continued to explore art over the years, creating paintings and murals, theatrical set design and large scale stage backdrops.  Along the way, Lisa luckily discovered the art of jewelry making.

“I began this creative journey when I sat in my studio holding a unique jewelry finding and thought it a perfect setting for a painting.  Using tiny precision paintbrushes, magnifiers and a dose of patience, I set about creating my first pair of earrings”.

The response was overwhelming and this unique skill was on its way.  Her first venture, Lisa Rogers Wearable Art, was born.

In between paintings, I was able to ask Lisa a little bit about her creative life and jewelry business.

Becky: Could you tell us a little about your art background? Where did you learn to paint such amazing images?
Lisa: I have actually never had formal art training. My mother is artistic and she used to do little art projects with my sister and I at a picnic table under the lilac trees in our backyard. That memory really stands out. I have always enjoyed drawing and doing creative projects, so I always found an outlet for that. I painted huge set backdrops for a theater group and painted landscapes for family, friends and auctions.
The miniatures that I now paint actually happened by accident. About 7 years ago, I bought this antique brooch and the middle cabochon fell out. My original intention was to glue it back in but the idea popped in my head that it actually looked like a beautiful miniature picture frame. I grabbed some acrylic paper and painted a little landscape on it and voila! I posted it on social media and had a great reactions to it. Since that first painting, I bought some wonderful brushes designed for painting miniatures. I haven’t stopped since!

Becky: Do you have a favorite historical time period that inspires many of your paintings?
Lisa: I am influenced by the Renaissance painters, particularly Raphael. I would love to start painting more people. I particularly lean towards the Hudson River School painters and their lush landscapes.

Becky: Do you have a favorite custom piece that you have created? What about the experience made it your favorite?
Lisa: I actually have two. The first miniature painting I did set in that brooch that depicts sheep in a landscape will always be dear to me. I love how it turned out. The second one is a pendant featuring Venice. I actually couldn’t believe that I pulled that one off! Both were sold so I just have the photos of them and the memories of the process.

Becky: What is your main venue for selling your jewelry?
Lisa: Right now, it is my Etsy shop BellaMiniBijoux. I do a lot of commissions as well from word of mouth. I was also recently featured on NH’s WMUR NH Chronicle on May 10th so that has opened up a lot of work for me. My dream is to have my own studio/shop!

Becky:  Do you have a favorite social media platform? Why?
Lisa: I post on Instagram a lot as it is easy to use. I also post to Pinterest and sometimes Facebook. I am still learning the ins and outs of “making it” on social media lol.

Becky: What are some of your biggest challenges with running a small jewelry business?
Lisa: Time! Right now I have a full time job as a VP of a manufacturing company so I have to do my artwork at night and on weekends. I am eager to see a shift towards full time art and creativity!

Becky: You really bring a whole new level of sophistication to the Nunn Design Findings. Why do you trust your jewelry to Nunn Design products?
Lisa: Thank you Becky! I am honored by that. I am a loyal Nunn Design product user because the quality is excellent and the options are plentiful. I place an order and within days my order arrives. That is critical as many of my commissions are time sensitive.

(source: instagram @lisarogersstudio)

(source: instagram @lisarogersstudio)

(source: instagram @lisarogersstudio)

(source: instagram @lisarogersstudio)

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