Artisan Spotlight: Sugar Sidewalk

Hope Schoenbacher, of Sugar Sidewalk, hasn’t always created jewelry.  In fact her “real job” use to be in the mobile software industry prior to her leap into a life of creativity.

Hope’s keen eye for design, a love for type, and a self professed addiction to “Pantone Colors” help her tell her client’s story in her own unique and beautiful way.

Connecting with people while being entrusted to make a special piece for them has been a joy”, stated Hope.  “It makes me love what I do even more.  People share their stories, and I then create something meaningful for them”.

“I chose Nunn Design products because they are very well made, have great attention to detail and each piece adds something special to the end product.  When I found out Nunn Design made findings and bezels — I did the happy dance!!   I never expected to sell one thing, much less it turning into a full time job with employees.” – Hope










All of us at Nunn Design are doing the happy dance for you Hope.  We so appreciate that you trusted your creations to Nunn Design components.

To see more of Hope’s works, visit her on Etsy at:

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