Stacked Beadcap Earrings Tutorial


What I love about the Nunn Design Collection of Bead Caps is the many ways you can combine them. With each combination, you have a unique and fresh look. Add in some different beads and the options grow even greater! The best way to design with these little beauties is to keep trying different combinations until you get something that feels just right. It is amazing how a design can change by just turning a bead cap upside down. Have fun exploring the options!

Learn How!

Supplies Needed:
4 pieces of Beadcap 8mm Flower Petal-Antique Copper
2 pieces of Beadcap 8mm Etched Daisy-Antique Gold
2 pieces of Beadcap 6mm Petal-Antique Gold
2 pieces of Metal Bead Faceted-Antique Gold
2 pieces of Metal Bead Faceted Drop-Antique Gold
2 pieces of Jumpring 6mm Textured Circle-Antique Copper
2 pieces of Earwire Leverback Small-Antique Copper
2 pieces of Eyepin 2”-Antique Gold
2 8mm beads of choice

Tools Needed:
2 Pairs of Flat Nose Pliers
1 Pair Flush Cutters


Step 1:
Thread onto a Eyepin one of the 8mm beads and 1 of the Beadcap 8mm Flower Petals. The fit might be a little tight for the bead to insert into the opening of the beadcap. Press down gently on the beadcap and the petals will slightly bend around the beadcap. Thread on the second Beadcap 8mm Flower Petal so the petals are alternating.

DSC_0285-1000 DSC_0291-1000

Step 2:
Thread on the remaining bead caps onto the Eyepin in this order; 1 Beadcap 6mm Petal, 1 Beadcap 8mm Etched Daisy turned upside down, and 1 Metal Bead Faceted.

DSC_0295-1000 DSC_0299-1000

Step 3:
Trim away all but ¼ inch of the Eyepin using a pair of Flush Cutters. Create a loop using a pair of the flat nose pliers. Before closing the loop, add a Earwire Leverback. To ensure that the earring hangs correctly, make sure the top loop of the eyepin is at a 90 degree angle from the bottom eyepin loop.

DSC_0302-1000 DSC_0307-1000 DSC_0309-1000 DSC_0311-1000 DSC_0314-1000

Step 4:
Using 2 pairs of needle nose pliers, open up one of the Jumpring 6mm Textured Circle and thread on the Metal Bead Faceted Drop and the eye of the assembled Eyepin. Close the jumpring.

DSC_0317-1000DSC_0323-1000 DSC_0326-1000 DSC_0331-1000

Step 5:
Repeat Steps 1-4 to create the matching earring set.


Make a Collection:

Here is the complete collection of jewelry pieces that I created using the Nunn Design Beadcaps and Metal Faceted Beads. The charm bracelet was really fun to create!


Download the Tutorial!

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