Becky’s Tidbits Episode 6 The Why, Who and What.

I have been asked many times by our customers, “how do I price my one of kind jewelry?” You can google this question and you will get all sorts of articles on how to do this. Jewelry pricing formulas based on the cost of supplies, labor costs, overhead, wholesale versus retail. These are all important factors and information that is readily available for you to utilize.

But I think there are questions that we need to be asking ourselves way BEFORE we even start the creative process.

The questions that I’m proposing we take a look at are the Why, Who and What questions around creating handmade artisan jewelry.

1. The Why.
Why do you do what you do?

Now, here are some good questions for you; why are you even making handmade jewelry?
Why are you in business? Why are you an artist and why should anyone care. These are strong and hard questions, but if you want to sell handmade goods, such as jewelry, then understanding why you do what you do is at the core of what sets you apart from the other millions of people who are also doing this!

By communicating verbally, or visually, why you are in business, why you believe what you believe,
why your jewelry and your work is meaningful – will help you to build an emotional connection with your customer.

Here is an example of why Nunn Design is in business:

  • We believe that everyone is creative, and that we are born with natural abilities and a desire to express ourselves, in some creative form or another.
  • Nunn Design believes that artists, like our ancestors 100,000 years before us, bring beauty into the world.
  • Nunn Design believes in supporting artists to create unique, handmade, and beautiful jewelry to help them to tell their story of their own individuality.
  • We believe it is our mission to inspire and nurture artisans to create talismans that infuse power into the wearer.

Tell me why, tell your customers why, tell the market place why you do what you do. Tell them why it is important. Tell then why they should be connecting with you, the artisan that infused your creation into something amazing and why wearable is important. Why wearing a piece of your jewelry brings meaning to their life.

#2. The Who.
Who is the jewelry that you are making for?
Who are we trying to change?

Who is your customer?
Where does she shop?
What does she care about?
How does she wear her jewelry? Stacked up her arm? Layered around her neck? Or is she into a simple little “bling.”
Who is the jewelry for?
Is it for a special occasion?
Is it a gift?

Here is an example to help illustrate who the Nunn Design Jewelry Findings are for.
Nunn Design supplies the wholesale small business owners
who are creating handcrafted artisan jewelry,
who care about innovation,
who want to be inspired by what they are creating with,
who choose to purchase well made, well designed quality findings,
that are ethically sourced
and cast and plated in the USA with imported lead-free pewter and precious metals.

#3 The What.
What is it for? What change are we trying to make?

What are you making? If it is jewelry that incorporates dried organics, or impressions using molds that use dried organics,
Then, what is it for?
To capture your location and provide someone with a token of their journey to your hometown?
Is it to gain awareness around a cause that you care about?
To help change people’s awareness of our planet?
To help people be more in touch with nature.
What change are you wanting to make?

What change is Nunn Design trying to make?
We want artisans like ourselves to succeed.
We want the practice of making and giving unique and special gifts to be important and meaningful.
We want to create a community where artists can come together and learn. To be inspired. To share information with each other.
We want our customers to thrive doing what they love to do.
We want the arts to thrive in our lives, in our homes, in our children, in our community in our world.

So, it is a long list of questions to be asked and answered.
Starting with understanding your why, who and what, will take you out of the formula that everyone else is following to price their goods.
It puts you into a totally different category.
When someone is truly inspired.
When someone totally connects.
When someone feels that they WANT what you have to offer.
When you have told your story – You can charge whatever it is that you need to.

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