Interesting Displays

I’m always looking for fun ways to set-up interesting displays for my tradeshow booths. Here are some interesting ideas that I came across.

DIY Picture Frame Tutorial from Kuzak’s Closet

Although these were intended for towels, it would be a great way to display jewelry.

Although Liz is using this display to hold cards, it would be a great way to hang jewelry on cards.

These stands are super cool.

This blog post has the art of showing Vintage Market Displays down. It is a real art to be able to display like this!

You know that saying, “just put a bird on it”, well for me it is “just put some casters on it”. I’m crazy about things that can wheel around. This tutorial shows the how to make a DIY Vintage Crate Shelving Unit. I think these would be great for a tradeshow booth (as long as the wheels had locks!).

Another super cute display idea! You’ll need google translator for this one, but the pictures will tell the story.

Now, this is killer. If you are like me, you always want the suitcase filled with junk at the bottom of the pile. James Plumb took care of that with this great suitcase dresser. Now I will need to find suitcases all the same size! Add some casters on that and ahhhh.

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