Bringing Meaning into Everyday Life


As the leader of the Nunn Design Team, I’m often referred to as the bus driver. My job is to plan our journey and make sure everyone is onboard the bus headed in the right direction.

Another part of my job is setting the tone for the kind of culture I want for our company and for my team. I do this is by trying to find ways to bring meaning into our everyday lives. Birthdays, weddings and passings are some of the events in which I like to set aside time to create meaning.

This week, Cheryl is celebrating a major milestone in her life. She is turning 50 years of age. To honor her and to bring meaning to this special day, I asked my team to write down wishes for her.


I wanted to create a ritual for Cheryl that she could remember for years to come. Since Cheryl, Heather and I have a daily routine of taking a ½ hour walking break, I decided to use the trail that we journeyed on during our work week as the venue.

My idea was to have the team come up with 50 wishes for Cheryl that we would write on rocks I gathered from our local beaches. Heather and I would then place them along the path we walked daily with Cheryl.

IMG_1243-rev IMG_1255-rev

This all involved some sneakiness on all of our parts to pull this off right under Cheryl’s nose. Cheryl doesn’t miss many details, so I was a nervous Nellie about being busted! Each of us took turns going outside to squat behind my car and write our wishes for her on the 50 rocks that I gathered.


Heather and I made an excuse for heading to our CPA’s office for our mid-year review so that we could place the rocks on our walking trail. Thank GOD Heather is into weight lifting and offered to be the pack-mule! It was over 60 pounds of rocks!

IMG_1270-rev IMG_1275-rev IMG_1283-rev

Cheryl loved the ritual that we put together for her! “I feel like I’m 5!” It was hard for her to let go of the rocks, but once she figured out there were 50, she held on to just her favorites. She then chose 5 rocks to represent each of her 10 years and a 6th one for her next 10.

IMG_1291-rev IMG_1294-rev IMG_1296-rev IMG_1298-rev

I am grateful that I have a team that is open to bringing meaning into our everyday lives. I am grateful for having Cheryl to celebrate with. Happy 50th!

Do you have some wishes for Cheryl?

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6 thoughts on “Bringing Meaning into Everyday Life

    • beckynunn says:

      We are all the blessed one! Cheryl really is the nurturer of our team. She coordinates all of our special events, birthdays, artdays and staff meetings. It was funny putting an event together for her because it took all of us to: 1. get a cake, 2. buy a card, 3. put together a ritual. Seems simple, but those who have the knack, have the knack! Cheryl has the knack!!!


    What a truly loving and thoughtful gesture to mark this special milestone. I’m ‘stealing’ this idea to celebrate a dear friends’ b’day next year.
    I love that you, as the head of a huge, successful company, make the time to be conscious, fully present, and recognize the importance of rituals and friendships.

    • beckynunn says:

      Thank you Laurie. It is wonderful to be fully seen by you in your comment. I do make rituals and friendships my priority and sometimes it is a big struggle to keep reminding myself that taking the time matters. That it does bring meaning to not only my own life, but to others. This is the first time that I have shared the type of culture that Nunn Design has here in the work place and I am encouraged to share more. Please “steal” this idea and report back on how your friend enjoyed it.

  2. Karen Hess says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    I’m not sure how I missed this important milestone in your life, but my wishes are as fresh and sincere as if it was your birthday today. Sending you so much love, happiness and best wishes for the years ahead!

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