Crystal Wrap Cuff Bracelet Tutorial + Kit. $24.00


Experience the fun of making something that you get to wear that same afternoon! This Crystal Wrap Cuff Bracelet Kit is a great project for learning the very basics of wire wrapping. Once you have the experience of ease, I am confident that you will be well on your way to making more fun projects!

Multiple colors of brass crystal rhinestone chain wraps around a brass cuff bracelet with brass wire. You will need to have some additional tools for assembly that are not included in this kit, but the tools are sold separately on our website.

This kit is for a beginner; so let me show you how!

Learn How!

Kit includes supplies for 3 Cuff Bracelets:
(This tutorial is written for assembling one cuff bracelet.)
1 Hammered Cuff Bracelet
2’ of 24-gauge gold wire
4.5” of Rhinestone Chain 14pp

Tools Needed:
1 pair Shear Flush Cutters
1 pair Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1:
Use needle nose pliers to create a 90-degree bend on the end of a piece of 24 gauge gold wire. Place the wire down onto the backside of the Hammered Cuff Bracelet ¾” from the end of the cuff. Wrap the wire around the cuff 3 times, wrapping over the starting point to secure the wire to the cuff. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to tug firmly on the wire making the starting point very tight and secure. Trim away the excess wire of your starting point using a pair of flush cutters. Continue to wrap the wire around the cuff another time.


Step 2:
Lay the strand of rhinestone chain onto the cuff bracelet with one end right next to your starting point. Keeping the chain in position while you wire wrap two times within the first gap of the rhinestone chain. This part can be a wee bit tricky, so be patient if it feels awkward to get started.


Step 3:
Continue onto the next gap in the rhinestone chain and wire wrap 2 times again. Continue on until you are ¾” from the other end of the cuff bracelet.

DSC_0905-1000x1000 DSC_0119-1000x1000

Step 4:
Once you have arrived ¾” from the end, wire wrap two times in between the gap of the rhinestone chain. Use your flush cutters to remove any excess rhinestone chain.

DSC_0121-1000x1000 DSC_0128-1000x1000

Step 5:
Wrap your wire around the last link of the rhinestone chain another two times. Turn your cuff bracelet over and tuck your wire on the backside underneath your final wrapped area. Using needle nose pliers, pull firmly on the wire that is tucked under the wrapped area making it tight and secure. Trim the excess wire with flush cutters.


Step 6:
Repeat the steps to make the other 2 cuff bracelets.

Download the PDF!

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We sell the kits retail. Unfortunately we don’t offer all of the individual components included in the kit on our Nunn Design site, but you can buy rhinestone chain and the hammered cuff bracelets.

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