Easy Black Chaton Necklace Tutorial + Inspiration


I’m still in love with the look of embedding stones and chatons into Crystal Clay. In this tutorial, I explore how you can layer various sized chatons to create this stair step layered look.


Learn How:

Easy Black Chaton Necklace Tutorial

By Becky Nunn

Materials Needed:
Crystal Clay-Black (cryclay-black)
Cha-blk Chaton Black (cha-blk)
1 Raised Pendant Small Circle Double Loop – Antique Gold Plated (rpsc-gb)
4 Jump Ring 6mm Textured Circle – Antique Gold Plated (jr6tc-gb)
1 Metal Bead Faceted Drop – Antique Gold Plated (mbfd-gb)
18” Ball Chain Small – Antique Gold Plated (bcs-gb)
2 Ball Chain Crimp Connectors – Antique Gold Plated (bccc-gb)
1 Round Toggle Ring – Antique Gold Plated (rt-gb)
1 Twig Toggle Bar – Antique Gold Plated (ttb-gb)

Other Supplies:
Beeswax Toothpick or Magic Pick Lite
2 pairs of needle nose pliers
Wet wipes
Toothpick or a headpin


Pinch off two equal lentil-sized balls, one of Part A (the color) and another of Part B (the hardener) of the Crystal Clay. Knead the two equal-sized balls fully together until the clay is a consistent color and not marbled.

001-BlackChatonNecklace_0490 002-BlackChatonNecklace_0505

Roll the Crystal Clay into a ball and press it into the base of Raised Pendant Small Circle Double Loop – Antique Gold Plated. Pat the clay gently until it is flat and fully flush to the edges. If you have too much Crystal Clay, you can pinch off the excess and keep patting it down to make the surface smooth. Make sure to use your wet wipe and wipe away any excess Crystal Clay that could be on the sides of the metal or on your fingers. The Crystal Clay will dry rock hard and is super hard to remove, so get in the practice of always keeping your work surface clean and tidy.


Using a beeswax toothpick or a Magic Pick Lite, pick-up the individual Black Chatons and gently press each into the Crystal Clay. Continue to press Chatons in until complete. You have approximately 2 hours to work with the Crystal Clay, so take your time and enjoy.

NOTE: To create the stair step look of layering the Chatons, pinch off a small ball of clay and press it gently into the gaps between the various sizes of the Chatons using a headpin. This allows for a bit of clay to be built up so the additional Chaton has plenty of clay to be pressed into. Wipe away the excess Crystal Clay if it spreads onto the surrounding Chatons.

004-BlackChatonNecklace_0535 005-BlackChatonNecklace_0552 006-BlackChatonNecklace_0560

STEP 4: 
Use your fingers to gently press the Chatons into the clay, making sure that all of the Chaton points are secure and embedded fully into the clay. Wipe away any excess Black Crystal Clay. It will dry rock hard and is super hard to remove. The Crystal Clay will harden within 2 hours and fully cure within 24.

007-BlackChatonNecklace_0569 008-BlackChatonNecklace_0574

Allow pendant to cure at least 6-8 hours.

Using two pairs of needle nose pliers, open a 6mm Textured Jump Ring. Thread through one of the loops of the Raised Pendant Small Circle and the Metal Bead Faceted Drop Gold. Close jump ring.

009-BlackChatonNecklace_0680 010-BlackChatonNecklace_0684 011-BlackChatonNecklace_0689 012-BlackChatonNecklace_0695

Using two pairs of needle nose pliers, open another of the 6mm Textured Jump Ring. Thread through the empty loop of the Raised Pendant Small Circle Double Loop Gold. Close jump ring. Thread the 18” Ball Chain Small Gold chain through ring.

DSC_0702 DSC_0703 DSC_0709

On one of the ends of the 18” Ball Chain, insert the last ball of the chain into the Ball Chain Crimp Connector. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, squish the Crimp Connector closed. For extra strength, you can add a small dab of glue prior to closing the Crimp Connector.  Repeat on the other end of the Ball Chain.

017-BlackChatonNecklace_0720 DSC_0726

Using two pairs of needle nose pliers, open a 6mm Textured Jump Ring. Thread through the loop of the Round Toggle Ring and the Crimp Connector attached to the chain. Open another 6mm Textured Jump Ring and thread through the loop of the Twig Toggle Bar and the other Crimp Connector.

DSC_0740 DSC_0745 DSC_0762 DSC_0775


Now isn’t that just awesome! Download this tutorial and the other tutorials for making yourself a pair of matching earrings, bracelet or ring!

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