Excess Epoxy Clay Bits – Create an Accent on a Jumpring!

Have you ever had those moments where you mixed up a batch of Epoxy Clay 2-Part Epoxy, finished your project, and then had some leftover extra bits? Here is a quick tutorial of one of the ways I use excess Epoxy Clay Bits. Add the clay onto a jumpring to create an interesting accent! You can even add chatons or other small items to the clay. Enjoy!

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Materials Needed:

Other Supplies:

  • Wet wipes
  • Bees Wax Applicator (this actually comes in the 50g boxes of Epoxy Clay)

Step 1:
Use 2 equal size balls of part A and part B of the Epoxy Clay. Mix the clay according to manufacturer’s instructions. Mix until there is no marbling. You have 90-120 minutes to work with the Epoxy Clay before it starts to harden, so take your time.

Step 2:
Pinch off a small ball of the clay and roll it in the palm of your hands until smooth and round. Any creases in the clay will be more challenging to smooth out later, so roll until it is nice and smooth.

DSC_0519_ DSC_0521_

Step 3:
Make sure that your jumpring is closed. Press the clay around the Jumpring Grande Circle and use your fingertips to make sure the clay is where you want it to be.

DSC_0512_1000x1000  DSC_0526_ DSC_0535_

Step 4:
If you would like to add a chaton, make sure that there is enough clay to fully embed your chaton.


This is part of a series of tips and tutorials on using excess Epoxy Clay bits. Make sure to check the blog for the other tips!

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2 thoughts on “Excess Epoxy Clay Bits – Create an Accent on a Jumpring!

    • beckynunn says:

      Great usage of those bits! In this necklace, I love how it allowed me to bring the color into more of the full pieces.

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