Gluing Crystals to Metal?

Last week a conversation came up on Facebook about what type of glue is the best to use for gluing crystals onto a base metal, such as pewter.

It was a really good question and one that I didn’t have a good answer for. So I decided to do some researching.

As with much of my research, I found many different opinions. Since I haven’t tested all of these options, nor do I know the long-term result of which glues do what with time, I have to trust the experience of others.

Here are some articles that I thought were helpful in forming my awareness of the options.

Crystal and Glass Beads Glue Chart

The blog Crystal and Glass Beads had this handy chart to help me identify which glues work with which surfaces. Although it didn’t have “pewter” as an option, all of our bezel findings are plated, so I thought they fell within the metal category. How to use Swarovski Crystal Chatons or Round Stones

Beading Gem’s Research

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I can always depend on Pearl at the Beading Gem to have done some sort of research! In this article she goes through her own process of exploring glue options, but additional tips are in her readers’ comments. I love reading through other people’s experiences. It is like reading the Cliff Notes on a homework assignment. Reader Question : What Glues to Use for Jewelry Making?

Online Seller Recommendations

Another way in which I try to learn things is by checking out what online sellers recommend. I know that is a big mover of Swarovski Crystals, so they probably know something that I don’t. If they don’t recommend the right glue, then their customer service people are going to be fielding some complaints. Right?

They sell and recommend Devcon, a two-part 5 minute epoxy.

Beadaholique Video About Glue

And the folks at Beadaholique did a full video on just this subject!
What Type Of Glue To Use for Your Rhinestone Project

Swarovski Crystal Glue

But then again, why not just go to the source of the mother of all crystal manufacturers, Swarovski Crystal. They offer and sell a two-part epoxy glue. Again, I like reading the reviews and the comments that people write and glean from other artist’s experiences. No need to recreate the wheel!

I found this product on Swarovski Crystal Two-Part Epoxy Glue

Customer Knowledge

Then there are always the comments from our customers, from whom I learn so much.

Debbie Fox wrote in:

“I work with vintage glass jewels and newer glass jewels all the time. If you have jewels with no foiling on the backs, you can use E6000. I have used E6000 on foil backed jewels with success…just make sure you also run a thin line of the glue around the top edge of the jewel where there is no foil to allow extra bonding. I also use Hypo-Cement for flat back cabochons with foiled backings with no problems. This is just from own personal experience.”

Your Thoughts?

What has your personal experience been? Do you have a favorite that works for you?

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