Having a Challenge Sizing Images to Fit Nunn Design Bezels? New Template + Tutorial!


Finding just the right image for your jewelry is an important piece in building a unique jewelry brand. Nunn Design makes the process of creating that image even easier by offering downloadable free templates to size your images with. Here is a quick tutorial walking you through the process using Photoshop.

Learn How!

Template File

STEP 1: Download the Template

Download a template file for the bezel you are using. This tutorial is for the Large Pendant Oval. (We have a few to choose from and will add more as needed.)

Click on this download and save it somewhere on your computer.
Download: Large Pendant Oval Template

STEP 2: Open Template in Photoshop

Locate the template you’ve downloaded and open it in photoshop. (The file name is lpo_large-pendant-oval-template.tif.)

Here is what it looks like open.


Step 3: Drop in your image

Find the image on your computer that you’d like to have in the bezel. Drag the image and drop it onto your open template file. I used an image of Becky.


STEP 4: Drag image below template and size it

Do you see in my layers panel, over on the right, where the image is above the “Keep this on top” folder? Drag the image below so that it is now under the shape. Now you can size it to fit the template to your preference. (Hold the shift key as you drag the corner of the image so it stays in proportion.)


STEP 5. Save your image.

In the menu bar up top, go to File, and then Save As… Save your image as a jpg so that it will flatten it and Viola! You now have an image sized to the bezel and ready for printing, cutting and placing in bezel!


After you save enough of your bezel images you can print them out on a sheet of paper.

Create Your Own Transfer Sheet!

Purchase blank packs of LazerTran Paper for creating your own transfer sheets! Here are the links to purchase on Amazon:

For an Ink Jet Printer: Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper Lazertran for Inkjet51NvYIO7I-L._SY450_

For a Laser Printer: Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper Regular Lazertran


Downloadable Templates:

Stay tuned for announcements of additional templates as we upload them. Do you have a template you need for one of our bezels? Tell us and we will get it in queue.

Here are the downloadable templates for various Nunn Design Bezels:


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