Tie One On! How To Punch & Stitch Deerskin Lace

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Learn How to Tie One On – Punching & Stitching Deerskin Lace

If you have been working with leather and desire a fresh look, you might want to consider Deerskin Lace. Deerskin Lace is soft leather created from the hides of North American Deer. It is manufactured in the United States and is available in two widths, 3mm and 5mm. We currently are offering the chocolate, black and saddle colors.

Tie One On! How to Punch and Stitch a Deerskin Lace Necklaces

Designer: Becky Nunn

Supplies Needed:
20” of 5mm Deerskin Lace Chocolate (dsl5c-b)
2” of 5mm Deerskin Lace Chocolate (to create a punching template)
1 Foot of Waxed Thread
3 Jumprings 9mm Textured Circle Antique Silver (jr9tc-sb)
2 Jumprings 6mm Textured Circle Antique Silver (jr6tc-sb)
1 Toggle Ring Contemporary Antique Silver (trc-sb)
1 Toggle Bar Contemporary Antique Silver (tbc-sb)
1 Charm of Choice

Tools Needed:
1 Leather Stitching Needle
2 Pair of Needle Nose Pliers
1 Leather Hole Punch Pliers
1 Pair of Scissors

1 Pencil
DSC_0060-tie-one-on DSC_0069-tie-one-on

It is easiest to punch the Deerskin Leather when it is flat, instead of folded over. By creating a punching template you will be able to punch holes into the Deerskin Lace consistently in the same place each time. This allows the holes to line up when the leather is folded over and stitched together. Fold the 2” piece of leather in half and make sure the edge of the Deerskin Lace is evenly lined up. Using the Leather Hole Punch Pliers, punch the first hole ¼” from the fold mark and in the center of the Deerskin Lace. Punch the second hole approximately 1/8” away from the first hole. Unfold the 2” strip. If the holes didn’t punch all the way through the leather on all 4 holes, punch the leather through with the Leather Hole Punch Pliers again. Now you have the Punching Template.


Once you have the Punching Template, you will use it to consistently mark with a pencil where to punch the holes on both ends of the 20” of Deerskin Lace. Lay the Punching Template onto the table. Line up one of the ends of the 20” Deerskin Lace right under the Punching Template. Use the pencil to indicate where the holes should be punched by using the template as the guide. Repeat and mark the other end of the 20” strip of Deerskin Lace.


Once you have pencil marks indicating where the holes should be punched on both of the ends of the Deerskin Lace, you are ready to start punching with the Leather Hole Punch Pliers. It is easiest to punch the hole in the Deerskin Lace starting with the hole furthest from the end. Punch all 4 holes into the Deerskin Lace. Repeat on the other end. See how when you fold over the ends, the holes will line up? Cool huh?

DSC_0118-tie-one-on DSC_0131-tie-on-on

Time to start stitching. Thread the Waxed Thread onto the Stitching Needle. Fold over one of the ends of the 20” Deerskin Lace that was punched in Step 3. I like to have the smooth side of the leather face up and the suede side of the leather facing down. We will be stitching the Deerskin Lace twice to get a good strong secure stitch. Start with threading the needle down through the top, leaving about 1” of thread as excess (for tying the knot at the end). Thread back up from the bottom and pull tight. Thread back down through the Deerskin Lace and back up again. Tie a knot and trim away the excess. Repeat for the other end.

DSC_0134-tie-one-on DSC_0146-tie-one-on DSC_0167-tie-one-on

Time to assemble the findings onto the Deerskin Lace. Using the 2 pair of needle nose pliers, open one of the 9mm Textured Jumprings. To open the jumpring be sure that the opening of the jumpring is positioned at 12 o’clock. Position one pair of needle nose pliers at 3 o’clock and the other pair at 9 o’clock. Simultaneously pull the needle nose pliers positioned at 3 o’clock toward you and push the needle nose pliers positioned at 9 o’clock away from you. Thread on the Deerskin Lace to the 9mm Textured Jumpring. Hold again at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock and close the gap in the jumpring by pushing with one and pulling with the other, creating a closure. Thread on the 6mm Textured Jumpring onto the 9mm Textured Jumpring as well as the Toggle Bar Contemporary. Close the 6mm Textured Jumpring attaching the 9mm jumpring, 6mm jumpring and toggle bar altogether. Repeat for the other side.

DSC_0185-tie-one-on DSC_0214-tie-one-on DSC_0221-tie-one-on

Attach the charm of choice by opening the 9mm Textured Jumpring and threading it onto the Toggle Ring Contemporary and closing it back up.


That is all she wrote. Now you have learned how to Tie One On!!!

Watch a Video:

If that was clear as mud, here is a video showing you how to do this technique of punching and stitching.

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