How to Use Screw Back Bezels


Screw Back Bezels are an easy way to add a bezel to any leather surface. The bezel is cast with a screw embedded into the backside, hence the item’s name “Screw Back Bezel”. We don’t try to be too clever around here, we just try to call them as we see them. Punch a hole into a leather cuff, thread through, trim off the excess and wear. It is as easy as that. Here is a tutorial showing you how to create unique jewelry with these innovative bezels.

Screw Back Bezel Ornate Large Circle – Antique Copper (sbbolc-cb)
Cuff Bracelet Leather 1.25 inch width Brown (cbl1.25br-b)

Flush Cutter Pliers (plfc)
Hole Punch Pliers 1.8mm (plhp18)

Step 1:
Punch a hole in your surface; leather, fabric, shoes, belts, hats, metal…You can use
needle nose pliers to make the hole big enough for the Screw Back Bezel.

diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0007 diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0015

Step 2:
Insert the screw shank through your surface and screw on the nut.

diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0020 diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0024 diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0025 diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0027

Step 3:
I like to apply a dab of glue on the base of the nut and then tighten it down with needle nose pliers. You can even twist the nut down into the leather so it is recessed.


Step 4:
Using a pair of flush cutters, trim away the excess screw shank. The screw shank is very heavy duty, so I recommend placing the flush cutters on the screw right next to the nut. Turn your piece upside down so that when you cut the excess screw shank won’t go flying.

diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0048 diy_screwbackcuff_DSC_0050

Step 5:
Using a file or in my case, an emery board, file the edge of the shank to make it nice and smooth.



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