Innovative Jewelry with Epoxy Clay

Which Technique Would
You Like A Tutorial For?

***Edited to add: Results are in from last week’s Vote on an Innovative Jewelry with Epoxy Clay Tutorial. #1 was the winner, but #3 was a close second! I’ll find a way to write it up with both projects being covered. Look for the tutorial in the coming weeks! -B

Epoxy Clay is an amazing medium. The more I play with epoxy clay, the more I discover different ways that I love to work with it. I’m just returning from a week of creating (time spent at home at the kitchen table). Please vote on which project that you would like to see a step-by-step photo tutorial for a future blog post. Vote online by leaving a comment on our blog at

We will tally the votes and post a downloadable PDF!

Which Tutorial Would you like to see?

1. Epoxy Clay, Create a Texturing Mold
2. Epoxy Clay, Collage Sheet with Glass Dome
3. Epoxy Clay, Create a Mold
4. Epoxy Clay with Seed Beads

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66 thoughts on “Innovative Jewelry with Epoxy Clay

  1. Leslie says:

    Definitely a hard choice, but I’d go with the mold making, #3. Looks like you’ve had a very creative and fun week! Keep them coming.

  2. Kathleen Gallant says:

    Love them all but since I can choose only one, I would like one on Number 3 – doing the mold. Thank you so much!

  3. Jan says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I love them all. I’m just learning, so tutorials are very helpful. Your line is beautiful.
    Can you do a tutorial for 1 and 3.
    Thanks, Jan

  4. Katherine says:

    Oh my…you aren’t making this easy, are you?! I find it impossible to choose – I would be very happy with any of them! I think #3 would probably be my choice…but I have a question for you. Why didn’t you invite me when you were sitting at your kitchen table?? lol

  5. Anna H says:

    OMGoodness.. all sooo pretty.. Your a terrible tease making us pick one! ; )
    I find 1 and 3 most interesting.. and love the way the color of the clay in 2 looks.. but if i have to be pinned down to only one choice at this time I’d say…3 Mahalo from Maui

  6. Monica says:

    Epoxy clay is super easy and your new components are a lot of fun.

    I think people would get a lot of mileage from a tutorial on #1.

    Thanks for enhancing your line this year. You’ve done a fine job.


  7. Dorene says:

    I would vote for 2 or 3. It’s really a tie. How about doing both? If I can choose only one, I guess it would be #3.

  8. Chantal Buslot says:

    I like 2. That glass dome sounds special to me. And I like all the opportunities you have with this tutorial.
    Thank you for giving us the choice and afterwards the tutorial.

  9. Bonnie says:

    All are good, but I am most interested in the embossing–how do you keep it from sticking all over the pattern? It sure sticks to my gloves.

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