New Ornate Flat Tags

Resin, Metal Stamping, or Epoxy Clay ! Ornate Tags Can Do It All !

It you are looking for a finding that can do it all, our New Nunn Design® Ornate Tags are your go to! They are diverse enough to create a regally elegant look or casual enough to dress down to Southwest Elegance. Whatever your look and feel may be, these tags will take you there!

Other areas of interest around Nunn Design:

• Visit our blog to see Cheryl Spector’s Featured Artist post. If you have placed an order with Nunn Design, you have worked with Cheryl. Take a look at the artist behind the great customer service person!

• If you haven’t been following Carmi on Resin Craft Blog, please do. She is doing some amazingly creative and innovative things with resin and epoxy clay! The projects are great eye candy, but Carmi doesn’t stop there. She shows you with step-by-step photos how to create fantastic pieces of wearable art.

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