Itsy Link Bottle Tutorial, Inspiration + Video


Aren’t these Itsy Bottles with the Channel Tops too cute! Here are a couple of inspiring Itsy Bottles pieces, a tutorial and a video. (The bottle in front is an Itsy Bottle with Plain Top.)

A Tutorial on How To!

Creating Itsy Bottles involves Crystal Clay and embedding chain. Here is a quick walk through on how that is done.


Materials Needed:
Itsy Bottle Channel
Crystal Clay
Faceted bead chain fine approx. 6” (1.5in lengths)
14mm rhinestone chain (2” length)

  1. Mix two equal size balls following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the clay is fully mixed and there is no marbling you are ready for the next step.
  2. Roll the clay into a snake to assist in even distribution in the channel. Place the clay into the center of the channel and begin to flatten the clay from top to bottom of the channel. Continue until all the clay is flattened and smooth in the channel.
  3. Clean any excess clay left on the channel or your fingers using a wet wipe or damp cloth. If you wait until the clay is cured it will be nearly impossible to clean it, as the clay is hard as a rock.
  4. Lay the ball chain into the clay at the bottom of the channel until wrapped completely around the channel. If there is excess, trim with flush cutters. Roll the channel with your fingers to be sure to get the chain pressed into the clay and preserve the shape of your clay.
  5. Wrap the additional ball chain until you have used 3 of the lengths.
  6. Wrap the rhinestone chain – the rhinestone chain expands and contracts. If you want the stones flush with each other you will need to be sure to press the chain together before pressing it into the clay. When you get the rhinestone chain near the end you will want to trim your piece like the ball chain. It is best to trim longer than you might think, as it is easier to trim more than to add 1 link of rhinestone chain.
  7. Using your fingers, gently press the rhinestone chain into the clay. You may discover that you need to remove another link.
  8. Add the last piece of faceted chain to the top of your channel. Trim any excess chain you might have. (keep the little bits that have been trimmed for other projects.)
  9. Roll the channel gently between your fingers to ensure you are embedding the chain.
  10. Let the piece set for at least 2 hours before gluing the top of the bottle. Place anything in your bottle you would like using a pair of tweezers.
  11. You are ready to glue the top onto your bottle. I like to put a dab of glue on a bag or other disposable surface. Using a headpin or toothpick, scoop up a bit of glue and apply it to the inside of the channel bottle top. Then set the top onto your bottle. Twist the bottle around to distribute the glue. Allow your bottle to dry standing up.
  12. The sky is the limit –you can embed anything you’d like into your itsy bottle channel top.


Watch the Video!

Be Inspired!


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