Itsy Link Charm Tutorial, Inspiration + Video

Creating quick and easy charms with the Itsy Bezels is fast and fun! Here is some inspiration to give you some ideas of things to create.


Tutorial on How To!

Create Itsy Charms with Itsy Bezels, Crystal Clay and Chain.


Materials Needed:
Itsy Link Single Loop Rectangle
Crystal Clay
Rhinestone Chain
Faceted Bead Chain

  1. Prepare the chain you will be embedding by cutting it to size. You can measure and cut or simply lay the chain in the bezel and cut to size.
  2. Using 2 equal size balls of part A and part B of the epoxy clay. Mix the clay according to manufacturer’s instructions. Mix until there is no marbling.
  3. Pinch off a small ball (enough to fill your bezel). Roll the ball into a small snake and set inside your itsy rectangle, remove any excess.
  4. Press the clay into your bezel to create an even uniform surface. You may need to remove any excess clay.
  5. Once you have the clay in your bezel to your liking, clean your fingers and the metal using a wet wipe or damp rag.
  6. Next, embed your cup chain into the clay. Adjust the cup chain to fit into your bezel – If you have too much you may trim a link, if too little you may stretch the chain or add another link.
  7. Next add the faceted chain.
  8. Gently press the chain into the clay.
  9. Allow the piece to cure.


Watch the Video!

Be Inspired!

Be Inspired by these other pieces featuring itsy links.
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