Jewelry Trends in 2021 – Part 1

Let’s explore the jewelry trends that have been predominate in 2021.

Trend 1: Jewelry Created with Accents of Color

Jewelry that is simple and understated fits right in with the trend of wearing our pajama pants to a Zoom meeting. Consumers want to be comfortable, yet have the ability to spice things up quickly and easily.

Adding accents of color with beads and texture is an easy way to make something that is really simple, seem just a little more special. We all crave to be accepted and to belong, so having just the right amount of “special” and “uniqueness” is an important part of creating items that will sell.

Here are some examples of finished jewelry with just the right amount of color accents. Click on any of the images to link to the Nunn Design Gallery where you will be able to shop wholesale all of the findings used to create each jewelry sample.

Trend 2: Jewelry that Celebrates the Natural World

A style of jewelry still trending strong into 2021 is jewelry celebrating the natural world. Being cooped up inside leaves us craving the outdoors. Here are several examples of how the natural world can be incorporated into your jewelry.

Embedding Organics into Resin

Credit: April Hiler Designs

One of the ways to capture nature into jewelry is by embedding organics into resin.

Credit: Leo and Lynn Jewelry

I love this necklace created by Leo and Lynn Jewelry. It meets the trend of celebrating the natural world and an accent of color!

Credit: Meadow Grass Designs

Besides capturing the trend of celebrating the natural world, these earring also hit on another hot trend; HOOPS!

Credit: Gypsy Lamb

I love these bar post earrings by Gypsy Lamb!

Incorporating Ephemera with Nature Themes and Resin

Credit: Olive Bella Jewelry

Olive Bella Jewelry captures the natural world with these black and white hand stamped images.

Susan of Joeyfivecents incorporates vintage ephemera into her jewelry creations.

Incorporating Sculpted Polymer Clay

Nuby of Colourful Blossoms sculpts polymer clay into little succulents, an element of nature that is very on trend!

Trend 3: Chunky Chains

Chunky chains are still trending well into 2021. You can create a lot of great looks with the Nunn Design Line of Hoops, Beads and Charms to capture this trend.

Credit: Sistas with Bad Habits

Make sure to watch for our continuation of this multi-part series!

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3 thoughts on “Jewelry Trends in 2021 – Part 1

  1. Kathleen says:

    Very inspiring ideas! Thanks!
    Would it be possible for you to do a blog on cleaning jewelry? We had created a bunch of jewelry before COVID shut everything down and all events and stores closed (most for good, unfortunately). That left us with boxes of jewelry as well as a large inventory of components. A couple of our stores are just now re-opening and hopefully we can do business again. However when I started pulling out the boxes and bags, everything has some degree of tarnish. Would like a good, safe and quick way to clean this large amount of jewelry and wondered if you had some advice. Deeply appreciate your help and I am so thrilled you managed to hang in there!

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