Keepsake Jewelry by Shannah of Hello Dear Handmade

In a world filled with fleeting moments, there’s something special about preserving memories in tangible form. Whether it’s preserving a lock of hair, pressed flowers from a special event, or even ashes, each creation becomes a heartfelt reminder of the love and connections that shape our lives.

Shannah, the creative force behind @hellodearhandmade, is an Oregonian deeply connected to the outdoors, photography, and devoted to her role as a wife and mother of two. Her jewelry pieces are as diverse as her life experiences, reflecting her love for nature and family.

Join me in this series on keepsake jewelry as we explore Shannah’s creations, which serve as heartfelt reminders of life’s most treasured experiences..

“This commission was made with flowers that the customers grandma had pressed when she was younger. They’d been kept safe for years and years and I was lucky enough to make these with them”. – Shannah

“This trio was made for twin sisters (April birthday = daisy) and their mom. Little sprigs of greenery represent the 3 of them. I have a feeling Mom is gonna love this one!” – Shannah

“A previous customer reached out to have some necklaces made for her best friend who lost her husband. One for her and each of her 3 daughters using flowers from his memorial. The stories behind a lot of these custom orders are heartbreaking. It’s humbling to do these for that family and try to make something beautiful to honor his memory. ” – Shannah

“I was absolutely honored to do this custom order for a lady who wanted some earrings made with her Gram’s ashes for her mom. My Gramma passed 5 years ago this Fall and I still think about her everyday so this one got me for sure. A little gold flake was added to the bottom earrings and the heart pin. ❤️✨” – Shannah

To view more of Shannah’s creations, visit her on Etsy at:
Follow and support Shannah on Instagram at: @hellodearhandmade

Jewelry isn’t just about adornment; it’s about storytelling, connection, and celebrating the moments that matter most. We’re continually inspired by the creativity and passion of our customers who transform these raw materials into beautiful works of wearable art. We’re beyond grateful for the trust you place in us to be a part of your creative process.

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