Discover the Daily Leaf Bracelet: A Knotted Jewelry Tutorial!

Creating knotted beaded bracelets continues as a popular jewelry trend. These bracelets are sophisticated enough for even the more advanced jewelry designer while simple enough for a person new to knotting.

Daily Leaf Bracelet Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are using a 12 ply Crawford Waxed Linen Thread to create a visual interest that complements the focal leaf bracelet link. There are so many combinations of ways that you can create this bracelet depending on which Nunn Design Cast Beads you are using or which of the many toggle and ring closures you have selected for creating.

This tutorial will show you the basics for doing simple knotting and how to use a leather end connector to finish off your bracelet. The rest is up to you and whatever you can imagine!


Supplies Needed:
(18”) Waxed Linen Thread 12 ply – Chocolate
(4) Metal Bead Organic Mini Assortment – Gold (mboma-gb)
(1) Metal Bead Organic Itsy Assortment – Gold (mboia-gb)
(1) Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm – Gold (mbfr4-gb)
(3) Large Jumprings – Gold (ljrg-b)
(1) Lobster Clasp 15mm – Gold (lc15-gb)
(1) Jumpring 6mm Bark Circle – Gold (jr6bc-gb)
(1) Ribbon End Leather Connector – Gold (relc5-gb)
(1) Jumpring 12mm Bark Circle – Gold (jr12bc-gb)
(1) Bracelet Link Large Leaf Double Hole – Gold (blll-gb)

Tools Needed:
2 Pair of Needle Nose Pliers
Sharpie Pen

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Fast & Long Tutorial Videos:

Watch this Fast Video For a quick overview of the process and then read the full tutorial below!

Watch the full tutorial video where I walk you through the whole process.

Step 1:
Cut two lengths of 9” of the 12 Ply Crawford Waxed Linen Thread.

Step 2:
Thread one of the 9” strands of the waxed linen thread through the top hole of the Bracelet Link Leaf. One of the sides of the 9” thread should be 3” in length and the other 6” in length. Tie an overhand knot right at the edge of the Bracelet Link Leaf.


Step 3:
With the shorter length of waxed linen thread, thread on an Organic Bead Itsy and tie an overhead knot. Cut away the excess thread.

Step 4:
Thread 4 Metal Bead Organic Minis on the 6” length of waxed linen thread. Create an overhand knot right next to the fourth bead. Use your fingers to position the knot right next to the bead prior to pulling firmly and tightening the knot.

Step 5: 
Using two pairs of needle nose pliers, attach a 9mm Jumpring onto a 15mm lobster clasp. Thread the jumpring onto waxed linen thread. Measure 1” from the last Organic Bead to the 9mm jumpring. Tie a knot.


Step 6:
With the one end of the waxed linen dangling down, add a Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm and tie a knot. Trim away the excess waxed linen thread.


Step 7:
For the other side of the bracelet, use the two pair of needle nose pliers to open the Large Jumpring. Insert one end of the jumpring into the second hole of the Bracelet Link Leaf. Close the jumpring.

Step 8:
Using the 2 pair of needle nose pliers, open the Jumpring 12mm Bark Circle and add it to the Large Jumpring. Close the jumpring.

Step 9:
With the second strand of 9” of waxed linen thread, double it up so the ends are even. Tie a larks head knot onto the Jumpring 12mm Bark Circle by threading the loop down through the top part of the jumpring.

Step 10:
About 1½” from the end of the larks head knot, use a sharpie marker to mark where to attach the Ribbon End Connector. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, use the thickest part of the pliers to crimp on the Ribbon End Leather Connector.

Step 11:
Trim away the excess waxed linen thread.

Step 12:
To finish the bracelet off, attach the additional 6mm Bark Jumpring and the 9mm Jumpring. The 9mm Jumpring will be a simple toggle for the lobster clasp to attach to.


Step 13:
The finished bracelet should measure 7 1/2″ in total length. Voila!

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