Simple Steps to Stunning Knotted Bracelets: Waxed Linen Thread and Nunn Design Metal Beads!

Creating knotted beaded bracelets with waxed linen thread is sophisticated enough for even the more advanced jewelry designer, but simple enough for a person new to knotting. The 12 ply allows for just the right knot size and the wide holed Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads are a perfect proportion for the knot.

A Whole Lot of Beadin’ Bracelet Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be using one long continuous length of Crawford Linen Thread, Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads and clasp to create this simple knotted bracelet.


Supplies Needed:
(1) Toggle Bar Contemporary – Silver (tbc-sb)
(1) Toggle Ring Small Hammered – Silver (tbsh-sb)
(2) Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm – Gold (mbfr4-gb)
(3) Metal Bead Organic Mini Assortment – Gold (mboma-gb)
(17) Metal Bead Organic Mini Assortment – Silver (mboma-sb)
(21”) Waxed Linen Thread 12 ply – Black

Tools Needed:
Flat Nose Pliers
A ruler

Round Needle Nose Pliers

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Fast & Long Tutorial Videos:

Watch this Fast Video For a quick overview of the process and then read the full tutorial below!

Watch the full tutorial video where I walk you through the whole process.

Learn How:

Step 1:
To create a knotted bracelet 7 1/2” in length, use a pair of scissors to cut 21” of 12 ply Crawford Linen Thread. I personally feel more comfortable with extra thread “just in case,” so for this tutorial I’m using 24”. You will see at the completion of the bracelet that I will need to trim away a bit of excess thread.

Step 2:
Using your fingertips, roll the waxed linen thread to create a nice point on one of the ends of the 21” thread. Bead onto the 21” of Crawford Linen Thread a Faceted Round 4mm Nunn Design Bead then thread on the toggle bar. Loop the waxed linen thread back toward the Faceted Round 4mm Bead and thread it through the hole a second time.

TIP: If you are having a heck of a time getting the Crawford Linen Thread to go back through the 4mm bead, use a pair of round needle nose pliers to “ream” the bead slightly. This will help expand the hole of the pewter bead.

Step 3:
Slide the bead (with both strands of waxed linen thread within it) toward the Toggle Ring. Allow for a 1/8” of a gap in between the bead and the loop on the Toggle Ring.

Step 4:
Crimp the bead with a pair of flat nose pliers to secure the the waxed linen thread. Place the Faceted Round 4mm Bead into the widest area of the “jaws” of the needle nose pliers. Squeeze the pliers to flatten the bead.

TIP: Pewter is a very soft metal. You will not need to crimp really hard. Crimp lightly and then do a pull test to see if the crimp is secure. If it isn’t, crimp again with applying a little more pressure on the bead.

Step 5:
To trim the excess waxed linen thread, separate the two threads and use a pair of scissors to cut the excess end of the thread right next to the crimped bead.

Step 6:
Right next to the crimped bead, create an over hand knot. Use your fingers to position the knot right next to the bead prior to pulling firmly and tightening the knot.

Step 7:
Repeat adding and knotting beads. The goal is to have the knots be right next to the beads with no excess waxed linen thread.  If your knot isn’t right next to the bead, thread another bead onto your waxed linen thread and pull the bead tight against the knot. This will eliminate any excess space between the bead and the knot.

To make a 7 1/2” bracelet, continue beading and knotting until the length from the start of the beads to the end of the beads is approximately 6”. If you want the bracelet to be shorter, lessen the beaded length.

TIP: If the waxed linen thread starts to fray, use your fingertips to sculpt the thread back together, creating a nice tip to thread through the bead hole.

Step 8:
Thread on a Faceted Round 4mm Bead, then thread on the toggle bar. Thread the end of the waxed linen thread through the 4mm Faceted Round Bead again. Pull on the loose end of the thread until there is about 1/2” of a gap between the last knot and the 4mm bead.

Step 9:
Place a ruler onto your work surface. Lay the bracelet down next to the ruler. Double check that the total length of the bracelet is 7 1/2”. If you pull on the end of the waxed linen thread with the toggle bar, you can adjust the length to be exactly 7 1/2” since the 4mm Faceted Bead isn’t yet crimped into position.
TIP: To make a bracelet that is even longer in length, you might consider adding on additional beads. The gap between the last knot and the 4mm Faceted Bead will be less.

Step 10:
With the 4mm Faceted Bead about 1/8” from the loop of the toggle bar, use the wide section of the flat nose pliers to crimp down on the bead securing it to the waxed linen thread.

Step 11:
To trim the excess waxed linen thread, separate the two threads and use a pair of scissors to cut the excess end of the thread right next to the crimped bead.

Design Options!

Mix up your beads to create a totally different look! For this bracelet I used the Metal Bead Tube.

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