Learn How to Knot Gems and Pearls – A Resource Guide

Knotting has been something I have been wanting to master. Seems like a basic skill, but I don’t have it down…yet. In the past, I became overwhelmed when it came time to figure out what type of thread and what type of needles I needed to purchase in order to move forward.

I sat down this week and tried to navigate knotting gems and pearls. Here is what my continuing education discovered.

Resources: Knotting Gems & Pearls

  • I love this Pearl Knotting Like a Pro downloadable pdf I found on Beadshop.com. Check out the “guesstimation” cheat sheet for thread sizes that is included in the pdf! That kind of stuff really gets me excited because that junk takes time to figure out!!!
  • Beadshop.com also had this downloadable pdf on how to knot gems: Gem Knotting 1.5.
  • I found this basic stringing YouTube Video to be helpful: Pearl Knotting Tutorial
  • Kate at Beadshop.com covers how to tie knotting strings together to create a 10’ continuous strand in this Facebook Live video. She also explained how she tests everything that she knots prior to knotting, so there wasn’t any easy formula I could easily follow in regards to thread I need to buy (dang!!).
  • You can learn just about everything there is to need to know about the variety of beading threads on the Beadshop.com Stitchery section, but if you are at all like me, I was overwhelmed!

Items Needed for Knotting:

I have identified that I need the following items to knot with (links go to beadshop.com):

Okay, you skilled knotting pros! What else do I need to purchase to get started learning basic knotting? Let me know in the comments, on social media or email becky@nunndesign.com! Thanks!

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