Make An Easy Bee Bling Ring With This Tutorial


This epoxy clay ring is easy to create, yet elegant enough for the experienced jewelry maker to brag about.

Epoxy Clay is a two part clay that air dries. You have up to 2 hours to work with the clay, allowing you plenty of time to embed crystals and other objects. It fully sets and cures in 12 hours, providing a cement like connection to your jewelry.

This ring project incorporates fragments of rhinestone chain, embedded crystal Chatons and a brass embellishment. Enjoy!

1. Mix up some Epoxy Clay


2. Roll into ball. Pinch off some clay for Step 7


3. Pat into Ring.


4. Cut strip of Rhinestone Chain



5. Gently press Rhinestone Chain into clay, wrap around.


6. Place Crystal Chaton in clay with beeswax toothpick.




7. Press clay into backside of Bee


8. Press into Ring



9. Wipe away excess clay

10. Let cure 12-14 hours


Instructions For Bee Bling Epoxy Ring

What you will need:

  • Ring Adjustable Ornate Large Oval – Antique Gold (raolo-gb)
  • Crystal Clay Black (cryclay-black)
  • Crystal Chaton (cha-cry)
  • Brass Stamping Bumblebee – Brass (mebb-bb)
  • Rhinestone Chain 14pp – Antique Silver (rc14-sb)

Tools needed:

  • Headpin
  • Wet cloth
  • Cutting pliers

Pinch off two equal 8mm size balls, of Part A (the color) and Part B (the hardener)of the Epoxy Clay. Knead the two equal size balls fully together until the clay is a consistent color and not marbled.

Pinch off and set aside one 4mm ball of the mixed clay to use in Step 7.

Using the larger portion of the mixed clay, roll it into a round ball. Pat the clay gently into the Ring Adjustable Ornate Large Oval until it is less than flush to the edge. If you need more clay, just go ahead and mix up more from Step 1.

Cut a strip of the Rhinestone Chain 14pp. You will need 26 Chatons worth to wrap around the inside edge of the Ornate Large Oval Ring.

Starting with one end of the Rhinestone Chain, gently press the start into the Epoxy Clay. Start to wrap around the Rhinestone Chain along the inside edge until the two ends meet.

Pour out your vial of Crystal Chatons. Using the beeswax toothpick that is included in the Crystal Clay Epoxy Clay Kit start to place the Crystal Chaton inside of the Ornate Large Oval. I like to start on the outside edges and work my way into the center.

Using the Epoxy Clay you set aside from Step 2 press the clay into the backside recessed areas of the Metal Embellishment Bumblebee.

Turn the Metal Embellishment Bumblebee right side up and press it onto the bed of crystals.

Using a damp wet cloth, wipe away any Epoxy Clay that might be smudged around. You might need to use your headpin to scrape away any excess that squished out. When it dries, it will be REALLY hard to get off.

STEP 10:
Your ring will cure in 12-14 hours.

PDF Download: Bee Bling Ornate Oval Ring
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