How to Make Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings

This is a fairly simple wire-wrapping tutorial that a beginner can cut their teeth on, yet is sophisticated enough for any skill level. Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings can be worn dressed up and all fancy-like or dressed down in a pair of blue jeans and sneakers.

Then there is the experience of making them. These would be a great project to make with a group of teenagers. We are all about experiences within our household. Making jewelry as a group during a holiday party would be a lot of fun. The kids could create earrings that are uniquely their own by adding beads instead of faceted ball chain. I’m so suggesting this to my girls.

Here is a tutorial showing how.

Learn How!

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 Earwire (ewg-b)
  • 2 Wire Frame Open Circle Large Double Hole (wfocl-gb)
  • 3.5” Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain (shfc-gb)
  • 4.25” Faceted Ball Chain (fbc-gb)
  • 30” 24 gauge wire

Tools Needed:

  • Flush Cutters | plfc
  • Needle Nose Pliers | plset

Step 1:
Use a pair of flush cutters to cut two equal lengths of the Faceted Ball Chain. Each earring will use 20 balls worth of the chain.

Step 2:
Cut the 30” length of 24 gauge wire in half, which gives you 2 pieces of 15” wire per earring. To secure the wire to the Wire Frame Open Circle, start to wire wrap ½” from the opening of the circle shape. Bend the end of the 24 gauge wire 90 degrees and start to wire wrap 4 times around the Wire Frame over the bent wire starting point. This will allow you to secure the wire into position and not have it snag and potentially unravel. After 4 wraps, pull the wire tight and trim the excess, (from the starting point – seen in image 6), with a pair of flush cutters. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to press the wire together, so there is a nice clean start of your wire wrapping. Now you are ready to start wire wrapping the Faceted Ball Chain.

Wire Wrapping Nunn Design Earrings

Step 3:
The Faceted Ball Chain has a retractable link. Before you start to wire wrap, use flush cutters to trim away any excess bits of the metal from the retractable area.

Once trimmed, lay the Faceted Ball Chain along the outside edge of the Wire Frame Open Circle and start to wrap with one wrap in between each ball of the Faceted Ball Chain for the full 20 ball length.

Wire Wrapping Wire Frame Open Circle - wfocl

If the ball chain isn’t laying flush to the outside edge of the Wire Frame, use needle nose pliers to bend it back into position.

Step 4:
To complete the wire wrapping and to not have the end snag, wrap the last three wraps of the 24 gauge wire less tight. Thread the wire end under the last three wraps and pull tight. Cut the end with a pair of flush cutters. Use your needle nose pliers to squish the wire wrapping together.

Nunn Design Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings

Step 5:
Repeat steps 1-4 to create the other matching earring.

Step 6:
To assemble the earrings, count 16 links of the Small Hammered Cable Chain. On the 16th link, use two pairs of needle nose pliers to open the last link and thread it through one hole of the Wire Frame Open Circle. Close the link to fully attach.

Step 7:
Count 9 links of the 16 link length of Small Hammered Cable Chain. At the 10th link of the chain, use two pairs of needle nose pliers to open the link and detach the remaining 7 links. Count two links down from the 9th link and reattach the Small Hammered Cable Chain. You should have two lengths of 7 links on both sides. Open the last link of the unattached Small Hammered Cable Chain and attach it to the Wire Frame Open Circle.

DIY Earrings Wire Wrapping

Step 8:
Bend back the ball of the Earwire using a pair of needle nose pliers or your finger. Thread the earwire’s unballed end through the top link of the Small Hammered Cable Chain. Bend the ball of the earwire back up and into position.

Step 9:
Repeat steps 6-8 to complete the earrings.

Download PDF Tutorial: How To Make Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings

Watch a Video Tutorial!

Beadaholique did a great video tutorial on making these Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings.

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