Make Jewelry By Rubber Stamping Melted Solder


Over the holiday break (oh, I’m so busted…I wasn’t suppose to be working), I came across this great tutorial from I Can’t Stop Making Things.  Thank you Gail for the great tutorial!  I’m so excited to try this.

To see Gail’s full tutorial, please visit her site Cant Stop Making Things | More Rubber Stamped Jewelry. Here is a quick look at the project she created using Rubber Stamps that she stamped into melted solder.

The Set-up

Gail talks about the set-up and where you can find the various components.  An inexpensive crème brulee torch (Home Depot about $15.00), rubber stamps, copper flashing (hardware store) and lead free plumbing solder (hardware store).

Melting and Stamping

Gail melts the solder and stamped it.

Black Acrylic

Gail then used black acrylic paint to highlight it.

Isn’t that awesome!  Like I said, check out Gail’s Tutorial.  She goes into way more detail!
Cant Stop Making Things | More Rubber Stamped Jewelry

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9 thoughts on “Make Jewelry By Rubber Stamping Melted Solder

  1. sandi m says:

    I’ve been making these for a while…fun and totally addictive. Love melting that solder – the possibilities are endless.
    Richard Salley teaches a great class with this technique. And Terri Brush has a wonderful online class.
    Can’t wait to see what you create. Umm…thinking how this could be incorporated with Nunn pieces…

    • beckynunn says:

      I haven’t yet tried it on any of our cast pieces, but I’d be concerned about the pewter melting and therefore causing the plating to bubble and crack. Has anyone tried this?

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    • beckynunn says:

      I’m not as fluent at this technique as I would like to be. But, did you paint some flux on your stamp prior to stamping it into the melted solder? Was the rubber stamp rubber or acrylic? Was the design super detailed or more bold?

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