Make Karen’s Mixed Media Bracelet on Jewelry Making Daily


Hippie Chick Bangle

Nunn Design Innovation Team Member, Karen McGovern, created this fun bangle for our friends over at Jewelry Making Daily.  By switching out the fibers and by adding different color combinations, it is easy to create one of a kind pieces sure to please everyone on your list.

Make a Mixed-Media Bangle Bracelet With Wire, Cold Connections, Cold Enameling, and Ribbon

Hippy Chick Bangle Instructions

Nunn Design Products used:
Bangle Bracelet Channel – Antique Gold (bbc-gb)
Crest Tag Circle – Antique Gold (ctc-gb)
Micro Screws (msns-bb)
Nunn Design Glue (glue)

Tools Needed:
Euro Tool punch hole punch set to 1/16th
Needle nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Needle file
Flat file
Dapping block
Dapping hammer
Small paint brush
Clear acrylic spray
E6000 Glue

Step 1: Punch a Hole

Punch a 1/16th hole in the brass bangle. Clean the hole with the needle file.

Step 2: Apply Glue

Apply a generous coating of Nunn Design Glue to the bangle using a small paint brush.

Step 3: Wrap Ribbon Around Bangle


Lay the ribbon/fabric on the bangle, wrap tightly overlapping the ends over the hole you punched in step 1. Make sure to glue the ends down and to each other. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 4: Prepare Your Focal Elements

Prepare your focal elements. Punch a hole in the center of the Nunn Design Crest Tag Circle and dap to a gentle curve, creating a cup. Clean the center hole with the needle file.

Step 5: Create Wire Bundle


Create the wire bundle by wrapping the length of 8 inch wire loosely around the tip of your round nose pliers. Using the pliers and your fingers, wrap and shape the wire into a loose, knot-like bundle. Trim the end and use the bent nose pliers to tuck the finished end into the bundle. Tap with a hammer to shape as needed. Make sure you can slip the micro screw into the bundle, but not through the bundle. Squeeze the wire together on the back so the screw head will be held in place but not slide completely through the knot of wire. If needed add a small metal washer to keep the screw from slipping out of the bundle.

Step 6: Faux Enamel Wire Bundle

Faux enamel the bundle of wire. I used Ice Enamels here in the turquoise color. Easy to use, you simply apply the product adhesive, sprinkle on the faux enamel, then heat with a heat gun till all melted and pretty! But, you could also use metal paints, chemical patinas or torch patina the metal if you are using copper or brass. When finished, seal the colored bundle with clear acrylic spray, allow it to dry completely.

Step 7: Assemble Bangle

Assemble the bangle. Use the needle file to gently create a hole through the ribbon/cloth, and through the hole in the bangle.

Step 8: Connect With Micro Screw.



Layer your elements on the micro screw—faux enamel bundle, dapped Nunn Crest Tag Circle, then the large enamel disc. Feed the end of the micro screw through the hole in the ribbon/fabric and bangle, add the micro nut and fasten tightly by holding the excess micro screw with needle nose pliers and tightening the nut with bent nose pliers or another set of needle nose pliers. Make sure the nut is tight and that the focal assembly sits tightly to the bangle and doesn’t move. Snip the excess screw material flush with the nut, file away any excess or snag metal, and add a drop of E6000 to hold the nut in place.

The Finished Hippy Bangle




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